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If one thinks of Australia or any "civilized" (colonized) country in the world, where in a racially mixed society the National is, for whatever reason, either laying low or is non-existent and, on the other hand, the Tribal is still alive and kicking, but suppressed by the Civil (as a surrogate for the National), then scenes similar to that might seen in abundance. And they are here every day, but are suppressed too. On Monday, 22 March 2010, Chanel 7 broke the pattern of silence and now is to await the hell to break loose, because they have reported something that is true, but too ugly all the same. I am sure that our TV is itching to report something beautiful from that corner of the world, but they are simply unlucky. They mentioned the racial background of the "unfortunate boys" ... and that is that, that some will not like. But all the same, it is right that the medal comes to those who earn them.
Two boys, as Seven News at 6 reports on Monday, 22 March 2010, one about 17 years old and the other was very young, about 12 to 14 (just learner, presumably, with the "L" plate lost somewhere on the way to the scene), attacked an old man (65) in Nollamara, a very sick man dying of cancer, who have only six months left. They robbed the man not only of his valet, but of his trousers as well; it would take them too long to extract the valet, and they did not have time. In a civil society like ours everybody seems to be too busy. Who knows, robberies these days are usual events that one wonders if they part of a contract; such a hurry ... Where did you learn your trade, boys? It is a bit off, because the sick man has no time for such jokes; and it is even more so, if we know that we are not allowed to defend ourselves from those who tend not understand us, either on cultural grounds, racial, humanitarian ... If we fail to give them two dollars (now has risen to five dollars, as everything else did), then we are to expect to be called "racists", which they will not forget to give you a lesson about "your attitude".
We shall refrain from commenting any deeper than that, but instead will link you with the sites where you can find more on the subject; it is not the individual's that much who has not neither developed any feeling nor gained any knowledge, responsible for the rebellious attitude that has formed in him or her. If an individual has not had a chance to come in contact with others that are true carriers of the National, then that individual is not able to have any sort of attitude towards it; and the Tribal on the other hand has escaped them. As the National becomes through the process of transmutation of the Tribal, it is unreasonable even to think that the Australian aborigines would have a chance to adopt a proper attitude towards the National ... let alone towards the Civil, as a surrogate for the National, which is below the expectation of Man, a state to which every human being worth a right attitude aspires.
As we know, the intelligence is treacherous even with good intentions, and knowledge comes to human being only in the right conditions; when on drugs, it comes very late in the life, after the drugs are stopped being used. Bearing in mind the whole situation it is not surprising that what we are witnessing these days; more so, because it is not likely to hit the court since the "offenders are too young" (and the rebellion is too deep-rooted). One wonders what Centrelink would have to say about their "customers"; even if they declare their earnings to Centrelink.
Anyway, here is the link where you can read more about the National:

This last is an index page where you have a choice of many articles.
Even though we take it with a smile, we are far from laughing about the cause of the incident. Incident may cause us laugh as a sad joke, but the cause of it is much more worrying to us who are looking at the whole life of our society from much different angle. It is clear to us that the people who are in charge for our wellbeing know little or nothing about the vital matters that keeps a society alive and healthy; to them is important to get into the power at any and every cost, the attitude that is very dangerous. To say “sorry” after disaster is polite, but it is still an excuse for the crime. They fear deep discussions because those discussions would make them aware of the need to do something about their shortcomings. And one cannot build any reasonable future with leeches and parasites around. It is not the white people, as a different race per se, that the tribal people are rebelling; no, it is the ignorance that the white people display while trying to tame them, and that is what irks them. I know that, because it irks me as well, seeing it in the Centrelink’s attitude towards my person. Sapiens sat.
Thank you for your time; I hope it was worth it.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010.

The saga continues.

That was yesterday; today it came to my hand The Subiaco Post, March 20, 2010 (Vol 37 No. 12) and the front page is decorated with the picture of an escapee, another 22-year old fun-seeker that brought the Perth’s police and Tactical Response Group (TRG) into action. There was big heading “Swanbourne under siege”. It is the same man that we saw last week on TV Chanel 7, live; looks as the drama continues. The Subiaco Post is a local paper, which has in the past brought to their readers many useful items in a quiet way; those who have eyes will see. Most of the items the too insignificant for the main media in Western Australia, which is The West Australian, the only one paper in Western Australia today, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Some thirty years ago, there were few other papers in Perth, like Daily News, Independent, to mention just a few, and those paper had to go in order that the public opinion could be shaped.

They, Rupert Murdoch and Co. (short name is “establishment”), did succeed in shaping the public opinion in a way where majority of the people has become apathetic; when the things reach this point, as they have these days, then it is obvious to everyone that the natural forces of cohesion within a society, which are there at work in accordance with the intelligence of an individual that is instilling itself into the bonding material of a society (as love for example), are too weak to have desired effect. Love is transitional in itself, and it is for this power that a transformation of a being or society is possible. It is because of these natural ingredients within that have decisive power to affect either an individual or society to progress to the higher stage of existence, not a decree of any sort can do it; laws based on power will be always subject to violations, but not those based in justice. And these laws that are based on justice come from within.

Real progress of a person or people is based on natural progress of their consciousness, because only then their intelligence can be kept in check; from within and by them, without involving very costly law-enforcement agencies. If the people in power are not able to display the real love (except in a way of a lip-service), the transformation of society will not occur in reality, but just as a farce; neither will tribal individual experience that love to take him to higher state of consciousness, nor will those that have progressed higher to the level of nation at some stage, be able to progress any further, but instead will tend to fall into regression. It is a matter of lie and Truth; love transcends all boundaries, because it originates in Truth, whereas a lie is short-living. It is obvious that the feeling of belonging to each other has gone; and this is only because it is not possible to belong and not to belong at the same time.

Centrelink, as the key organization as the cause our plight, is having a special agenda of establishment, as Rupert Murdoch and the rest of that company. Therefore, the whole of the business has to be reorganized and all plundered assets returned to their rightful owners, to the nation and to the individuals. Those of personal kind are the moneys that Centrelink misappropriated from their “customers”, and must be returned immediately; like the portion of pension payments of falsely accused pensioners, enforced without a court decision (as, for example, from the customer CRN 603-026-910H and many other individuals). After that reorganization of the whole society is necessary and all assets that in the past have been sold out to private hands have to be nationalized; railways and all that was national, Commonwealth Bank and other national enterprises, like post and telephone, for example, must find their way back to our nation.

When the initial steps in that direction are made, then people will see that the Truth is at work and that politicians mean business; and people will regain national posture and the spirit of the National will start to work from within. When this happen, politicians will see how easy is to govern the country, because everybody will be involved in the governing of themselves; this is the point of natural forces from within will transform our society to the higher level of conscience and give it the power of keeping its own intelligence in check. This is not an option; since there is no alternative solution for our society, this is an imperative. If the politicians of today misinterpret these words, or bid for more time, the situation will worsen and vermin will grow out of control, causing them to take unnecessarily much harsher measures as it usually happens. Europe was in the same agony, which compelled her to terrible actions 80 -100 ago. Europe is an old civilization that is experiencing the same dilemma more than once in its lifetime; in early years of the twentieth century it has to make a drastic clean-up of vermin that was there taking a firm grip on its body since the French revolution. Germans and French where arch enemies for centuries, but when Hitler visited France, to rectify that shameful “agreement” signed after conclusion of the First War, he was well received by the population of Paris, as the film footage shows us; not as a German who invaded France, because they hated Germans, but as a liberator and a deliverer, who promised to clean up the Europe of all vermin and undesirables, regardless of their religious or political convictions or background. There are authentic paintings of the faces of those who took over the nation in France, made by great artists; one is invited to study those paintings and see what the vermin looks like. It is frightening experience to look at any of those creatures; just plain low-life and retards. If we consider the sophistication of the make-up industry of today, however, one wonders if there is any real difference in power holders of today from those who usurped power in France at the close of eighteenth century; today they use persuasion technique, lies, and at those times they used the evil power.

Just look at the Europe now, once again, and se how she struggles to survive as non-national entity; it is anything but good. And the rest is none the better. Europe has still that national spirit within, as any other living creature has it. Australia has it too, and that is the same spirit that has mutated from the tribal spirit in a normal and natural way. It is that spirit that unites the tribal and national, and all in between in an everlasting hope of peaceful coexistence. Many are trying to kill the spirit, because under long periods of drug and/or alcohol abuse, they have alienated themselves from their ovr aspirations and hope to ever attain their own Self.

Now we shall see something that would puzzle even some greatest of the artists; we could just look at the personages around the guillotine and will emerge the picture of today. Yesterday, as it was reported on TV, Perth was hit by a hail storm of such a magnitude that has no precedence in history. The damage done by ice (some bigger than a man’s fist) and flooding runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. It was simply unbelievable; but even more so is this that follows. Since, the water was quickly filling all low grounds, some people have taken their cars from garages and parked them on the streets; in the underground garage their cars would become useless, and they needed to collect their kids from school etc. But, when they came to their cars, in between two terrible storms, the infringement notice was on their cars. Those poor people did not know if they should laugh or cry; but in their eyes it must be a total moron who, in times of national distress, has time to go around sticking the infringement notices on the cars. Everyone knows that public servants and parking inspectors etc. are people that are connected with the establishment; unless they are not total morons, they would have reached at least “second degree”, and the higher rang on Masonic ladder one has the more cushy position he or she occupies. In the case of that parking inspector, one really does wonder where Australia is heading. As for Centrelink, it is very depressing place even from the outside; from inside is really indescribable.

Think about.

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If one thinks of Australia or any "civilized" (colonized) country in the world, where in a racially mixed society the National is, for whatever reason, either laying low or is non-existent and, on the other hand, the Tribal is still alive and kicking, but suppressed by the Civil (as a surrogate for the National), then scenes similar to that might seen in abundance. And they are here every day, but are suppressed too. On Monday, 22 March 2010, Chanel 7 broke the pattern of silence and now is to await the hell to break loose, because they have reported something that is true, but too ugly all the same. I am sure that our TV is itching to report something beautiful from that corner of the world, but they are simply unlucky. They mentioned the racial background of the "unfortunate boys" ... and that is that, that some will not like. But all the same, it is right that the medal comes to those who earn them.
Two boys, as Seven News at 6 reports on Monday, 22 March 2010, one about 17 years old and the other was very young, about 12 to 14 (just learner, presumably, with the "L" plate lost somewhere on the way to the scene), attacked an old man (65) in Nollamara, a very sick man dying of cancer, who have only six months left. They robbed the man not only of his valet, but of his trousers as well; it would take them too long to extract the valet, and they did not have time. In a civil society like ours everybody seems to be too busy. Who knows, robberies these days are usual events that one wonders if they part of a contract; such a hurry ... Where did you learn your trade, boys? It is a bit off, because the sick man has no time for such jokes; and it is even more so, if we know that we are not allowed to defend ourselves from those who tend not understand us, either on cultural grounds, racial, humanitarian ... If we fail to give them two dollars (now has risen to five dollars, as everything else did), then we are to expect to be called "racists", which they will not forget to give you a lesson about "your attitude".
We shall refrain from commenting any deeper than that, but instead will link you with the sites where you can find more on the subject; it is not the individual's that much who has not neither developed any feeling nor gained any knowledge, responsible for the rebellious attitude that has formed in him or her. If an individual has not had a chance to come in contact with others that are true carriers of the National, then that individual is not able to have any sort of attitude towards it; and the Tribal on the other hand has escaped them. As the National becomes through the process of transmutation of the Tribal, it is unreasonable even to think that the Australian aborigines would have a chance to adopt a proper attitude towards the National ... let alone towards the Civil, as a surrogate for the National, which is below the expectation of Man, a state to which every human being worth a right attitude aspires.
As we know, the intelligence is treacherous even with good intentions, and knowledge comes to human being only in the right conditions; when on drugs, it comes very late in the life, after the drugs are stopped being used. Bearing in mind the whole situation it is not surprising that what we are witnessing these days; more so, because it is not likely to hit the court since the "offenders are too young" (and the rebellion is too deep-rooted). One wonders what Centrelink would have to say about their "customers"; even if they declare their earnings to Centrelink.
Anyway, here is the link where you can read more about the National:

This last is an index page where you have a choice of many articles.
Even though we take it with a smile, we are far from laughing about the cause of the incident. Incident may cause us laugh as a sad joke, but the cause of it is much more worrying to us who are looking at the whole life of our society from much different angle. It is clear to us that the people who are in charge for our wellbeing know little or nothing about the vital matters that keeps a society alive and healthy; to them is important to get into the power at any and every cost, the attitude that is very dangerous. To say “sorry” after disaster is polite, but it is still an excuse for the crime. They fear deep discussions because those discussions would make them to do something about their shortcomings. And one cannot build any reasonable future with leeches and parasites around. It is not the white people, as a different race per se, that the tribal people are rebelling; no, it is the ignorance that the white people display while trying to tame them, and that is what irks them. I know that, because it irks me as well, seeing it in the Centrelink’s attitude towards my person. Sapiens sat.
Thank you for your time; I hope it was worth it.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010.

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URAN – Journey into the Unconscious
By: The Ancient One, Herald of URAN


After He created Earth and all the life on the planet in seven different stages and, after endowing His creation with life, He took a long rest; He dreamt a powerful dream about the perfection of His creation. Everything done is in accordance with the purpose of Nature, He dreamt, but how can he be sure that if shall always be in accordance with His will; since He just created the time and space, the nature off all things is to be in balance with its environment. Thus, everything was perfect in His creation, because everything had its reason d’être that is, everything has its purpose of life, except a human, of whom he thought should be able to come to Him and receive the Truth. Thus, He returned to His creation and imbued a human with the mystery of another element that will help a human to its enlightenment thus transforming it into Man. Thus, with throwing the “super ego” of the “light bearer”, the Lucifer as the religions know him, as the controlling agent into the creation pan, He established Man, nation and law in Church of Man through His angel Arvath, the only church on Earth for humans. Other churches sprang from Man's desire to please Him and to find again His law that got lost while fighting with odds of everyday’s life. To this day is, therefore, not clear to which deity that day is to be attributed. The psychology of a human being differs greatly from the psychology of other species, as it differs from psychology of Man; or (unknown) God, proving that Man and human are not the same, as is the case with other species and things in life. Thus we have a being in more than one reality at the same time that is composed of: its physical, spiritual and mental body through the spheres of the Conscious and of the Unconscious. Thus, since these spheres are often trespassed in a desperate search of human for his own Self, for Man (and God) the human is destined to err in solving the mystery of his origin in Truth.
The material above, as well as the material that follows, may strike the reader as truthful. So, if the reader is ready for the Truth, then he or she might recognize the Truth it; otherwise, there is still time and the next issue is coming. If the readers finds the material to be somewhat difficult to Have a good read!

-- The Team.

Article I.: Word or two on Word, as directive

Word, containing secret and solvency of the mysteries of life ... that particular word, HU, URAN has left with our ancestors; and since in the course of time that word, HU, underwent the process of separation and thus became unclear, the people of this planet got confused and, consequently, they have lost the contact with URAN and the Truth. Today, the Word is void of the spiritual power in its expression; thus, retain¬ing only its physical expression, by relying on intellect alone that eternally creates new truths and, thus, void of the original Truth, this Word is practically powerless; today, this Word, of which the name (HU), has long been forgotten, is like an icon that reminds us of ancient Truth, but it cannot bring it closer to us. Meanwhile, many churches sprang as result of the people’s desperate trials (and errors) to find URAN's Truth through the remaining, physical part of the Word; the effort of which URAN is aware and appreciative and, therefore, intends to preserve those efforts. Therefore, it is to expect that very few, if any, will be able to understand this writings; added to it that the writer is making every effort to preserve the secrecy of the Truth (which is revealed only to the chosen ones), it is clear that the wrath of the public, that faceless ego, is unavoidable.
However, in order to bring necessary balance to our planet we need to endeavor in reestablishing the original Truth upon this planet, once again, despite and among those monumental failures. URAN's intention is to rebalance this planet Earth only; URAN has no intention to interfere with the experiments of His son, the Man. As everyone knows, one learns from his own mistakes and failures. URAN is well aware that the hope is the only that is left to desperate folks, which is in the absence of the Truth doomed; therefore, URAN's aim is not to destroy the hope of the people by destroying their churches, but rather deems the cooperation of religions as vital to salvation.
In the beginning was the word, a perfect one; but how could Man or even God know what was created if the creation would have not been put to test. For the sake of knowing that, what was already known, but was out of reach of intelligent thought and the rational mind of Man, the fallen angel, the creation of the word has enter the expression of silence; the Truth has been silenced, it went underground. Thus, many calls were made to wake up the Truth; many religions sprang up to honor the Truth. But, all this efforts seemed in vain, and thus degradation of Man, as a higher state of a human being, was inevitable; since Man and Truth are inseparable from each other in the unity of God, the fall of the Truth is in effect the fall of Man and vice versa. Man of today has been reduced to a mere human being and as result he has lost his sovereignty, which we try to restore. As everyone can realize from consequent reading, without restoration of Man to His throne as a sovereign, a human being has lost its purpose of life, as the one whose purpose of life is to serve his master and through his service to become one with his master. Without Man, a human being is destined to perish; a human can only survive by progressing, that is, by becoming as his master is, the Man. Human being is doomed to extinction when his God is dethroned; his world becomes too competitive for his intelligence alone to be able to cope with the demands of life, without the wisdom contained in eternal and original Truth that is brought down by Man (God, or The Ancient One). Without Man, a human being will fall prey to his own weaknesses, one of which is greed, because it (or he/he if you feel offended) has no one to guide it to moderation, thus, a human being is destined to devour … until it (or he/she) is finally devoured.
Thus, the lower stratum of the animal kingdom has more chance of surviving than the higher; this is because the intelligence of any being and every cell is, as a separate entity, attached to the living being or cell in a parasitic way, thus causing the being or cell, that is subordinate to it, to act in the interest of the intelligence, not in the interest of the living being or the cell; the being is lolled into thinking that its actions are in its interest. Together, the living being or the cell and its intelligence, they are proportionally so balanced that they make a perfect match in living environment they inhabit; intelligence of a stone is, thus, no match to intelligence of a tree or any other species, for there is no need for it, since to subjugate a stone is needed only that much. Since this intelligence of a stone is also on the low level of working capacity, it sticks to it as to its natural habitat. With the tree, for example, the working capacity of its intelligence must be different and of higher degree; when the disparity in balance occurs, intelligence of the tree stops supplying vital life sustaining data to the tree, and soon the tree starts to die. And the same principle goes through all species of life, to the tiniest atom. Intelligence is just utilizing data that the knowledge of being is possessing; without the working of intelligence, all the knowledge is useless, and so is the other way as well; intelligence alone, without the input of the data provided by knowledge, is just hot air, which becomes counterproductive and will eventually alienate itself from the knowledge base. Intelligence can only survive on knowledge, and without it will inevitably die, whereas the knowledge will fall into dormancy until waken by a fresh breeze of intelligence. Knowledge is as a soil and intelligence as a seed.
Intelligence in human beings works in the exactly same way as just described, and it attached itself a human at the very moment of fall of Man; that moment is called “creation”. Thus, Man fell into lap of modernity where, in a lesser form of a human being, like any other species in the realm modern science, is termed as just another species of the “lower kingdoms”, he, Man and former sovereign, is now subjected to the tests imposed on him by his own intelligence that has alienated itself at the moment of fall; it is coming to him as his ego, his second “I”, pretending to be his ultimate Self, and, attached to his battered physical body is leading this fool, former sovereign through its kingdom, which is also known as the “hell”. This here is hell, the realm of intelligence … the kingdoms of Satan and/or Lucifer, which presents an entrapment of God; as Man that “fell” down he is at mercy of the intelligence in its kingdom, the kingdom of the intelligence, not his, so, he is there like fish out of water. At other times He voluntarily comes down to lighten the way for lesser ones; He is, in this situation, as the Mecca of human effort, the master of the intelligence and its realms and commands the life of intelligence, as well as the intelligence itself. I shall emphasize that the intelligence is responsible of building an ego of a person, which is a vital part of personality of a person. It is exactly here and then, that a miracle can occur that intelligence is not able to grasp, but succumbs to the Lord’s command. In situation like this, the intelligence sticks with its master and, by prolonged situation, becomes loyal to Him, like dog, horse or any other tamed animal. However; but, beware, because it can unexpectedly “hit back”, and if the attitude of the master changes, so does the attitude of the intelligence, becoming a treacherous instrument in masters hands, like a snake on his or her breast.
The intelligence means a torture for a human being, so that every human being is making great efforts in trying to escape its grip (since human feels being enslaved by it); so, when, or better if a human being becomes a master of it, the intelligence will try to escape the grip of its master the moment there is a chance. When the intelligence detects that the being it inhabits has become just another moron, which is, therefore, destined to perish, it leaves that being or cell before disaster occurs; like the rats that jump the ship. Then, it is very likely that the person will derange; as they say that when Gods wants to punish someone, He make that person into a lunatic. Every seaman knows: when the rats are jumping ship then you know what is in store for you; that gives you chance to say a prayer. Now, ask yourself: is it this time now ripe for a prayer?

Just for you to see … or not to see, it is up to you.

[Originally was, but now is, see what you think about it. --Editor]

This copy is just proofreading copy that comes to you in a good faith for evaluation and correction of grammar and spelling mistakes; take it as if I want to involve you into my life. If it sounds too English to you, and you would like it to be more American and vice versa, just adopt it to your taste. Read through it and comment if you wish; that is, if the Devil wants you to comment. If you think that you are not the right person for the task of evaluating it, please forgive us and regard this copy as a promotional and yourself as a lucky one and do not worry too much about. I know that some things there, in the text, hurt intelligent people, like the bank details, for example. As everything else in life, courtesy sometimes hurts; those sections are there with the purpose of making some even more intelligent; because their own intelligence is telling them that one is never intelligent enough these days. We a lacking courtesy too, these days; so, it has its purpose and may come handy. As one can see, it is not the stupidity that hit the humankind these days, but the intelligence, which is mistakenly understood as the cleverness.
I am entertaining the idea of making this epistle in a printed form, rough as hell; the rougher it is the better will serve its purpose. I intend to print it on ordinary newspaper, and distribute it to letter boxes either through the post and through the delivery companies, or to recruit few activists who would do it for their daily crust; this will be a kind of „promotional copy“, so that those who get accidentally subscribed (ouch, beg you pardon, I mean „actually“, not accidentally; but it does not exclude the notion that those who actually subscribe do it accidentally, though), because the material for subscribers will be printed on good quality paper, as good as their money is, just in case they get disappointed later, to have some use of the material, the paper at least. And also, it will be posted on web too. Opinions are most welcome on that matter.
I was involved in printing in my younger days when your mother, Anne, was my only inspiration and help; I was so energetic and full of enthusiasm that I needed no further help, and could not get it anyway, because nobody, simply nobody understood me then, as there are very few that understand me today, and they usually avoid me. Nor that Anne did understand me either, but because only she loved me at that time of my troublesome life, as an adult who knows that love is everything but bunch of roses (as for kids, they do not understand love, and have to learn the art of discerning them from emotions); therefore she helped me. Today I have not Anne to call upon her for help, and Hanuma is out of question for any of that sort of work; it would make her too miserable, simply because it is out of reach of her possibilities. I used to say to Anne that she is stupid, but this was a calculate move on my part, to make her excel; and she would spill out, without ever knowing it, some real gems that would amaze me and keep me wonder for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit, by telling that I did it with that intention in mind.
I have placed the material as it came into existence; however, I would like that you read first „Dreams“, and then this article, that follows „Unconscious and the Self“, because it will be easier for you to understand. Both of the mentioned articles are unfinished and are rather just outlines of different aspects of the same subject, but, since I regard you as rather intelligent person, I present them to you; I hope that you will not criticize them too much. These articles are just outlines and explain nothing without further explanation; the aim of this paper is not to teach, just to call potential pupils closer. I would like if someone can make printout copy and send it to Anne; she has done her bit of struggling with the beast at times when I was too weak to come to terms with and thus she is well deserving of the recognition too. She did have really hard time, but I know that the harshness can contribute to the state of person’s happiness, even physical wellbeing, but in the whole plethora of feelings it did not cause her unhappiness; in short, she was happy.
Special Note: The pen name is there to prevent the identity of the writer to be spread around; even though the writer is proud of this stuff, he feels that knowledge of his involvement could bring the confusion and make people wonder too much. And, as we know, for majority of humans the problems start to appear when they start to think; at least they start to be aware of their problems then. After all, the writer just conveys the messages and finds himself in a position of a scribe, not really a creator; a real creator can change things, and the writer, or the editor, would not think that any of them is really qualified for that.
Further, I would really dearly love to make a start of this work in most romantic fashion, which is to print the guts pages on my old (“Gestetner”) duplicating machine, the one on the balcony of my apartment, and just have the cover page printed in the printing shop; then we would collate it by hand, which I would tech you how to do it, because I used to do that kind of thing in my younger days. I would like them then to be taken by myself or the person that I trust and love to the shop or depot for further distribution. And all the way to the most insignificant corners of God's existence (yes, it may not make sense, but never mind; there are not too many things in life that one could boast are clear to him or her). But, to hear the old “Gestetner” to start to squeak and rattle again, that would be a present for me that only God is capable of sending. I know, it is a bit too unreasonable and repelling for many; only an old sentimental fool like me is capable of such hilarious thoughts to roaming through his stupid head. Do not forget to say hello to mother and to the rest of the mob over there. This, first copy, must be made in an extra economical fashion, because all of costs are going to fall onto producer’s shoulder; the following copies may be more extravagant in format (there may be added more in a way of number of pages, and content may look more colourful. I intend to divide the content into the following sections: history, religion, philosophy, social science, law and justice, morality and other subjects that are known or unknown to the common or uncommon people.
Until now, my writings were written in a joking mode; being aware of its potential, I did not want every moron or a walking disaster to understand them, because they did not know anything else but “steal”, “pinch”, “betray”, etc. The humanity as a whole was at its nadir. Today is the same situation; therefore, my aim is not to make a “best¬seller”, which would mean a potential threat for the humanity, by giving the ideas to those lowlife creatures that I always despised so greatly, but to try at least, as much as possible, that this paper reaches those that will put it into good use for betterment of the mankind as a whole. For that to achieve, there will be all sorts of obstacles, to deter those unworthy as much as possible. Therefore, there will be in place a system through which is possible to curb frauds; and that only could be achieved by strict control over the distribution of the original material.
As everyone can see, general populace of today is under a terrible influence of the intelligence, both their own and the one that is induced by media and a life in general; thus, the created ego of the average person will not readily cooperate in this project without having to say a thing or two, since that is how “democracy” works. I cannot allow letting them try to push their dime into my jukebox, simply because I made sure that the slot does not accept their dime. In other words, if these writings are destined to stay in my computer, then so be it. I am not all too worried if anybody reads this or not.

(This was an email to my son when I wrote this article. -Author)

Unconscious and the Self

This here, what you happen to read now, is your page; yours because it is being made for you; it is meant to benefit you, the reader, who, I shall hope, will urge and enable me to make another page of similar kind. It is offered to you in a certain way and style, and now it is entirely up to you how you will take it and what you will do with it; you might understand it perfectly and pretend that you have not understood, and vice versa. What I have for you is in itself very unusual, but unusually familiar though; it is a forgotten story, stored beyond reach of your intelligence and your ego that is, as your other self, attached to it. Simply put, the story is not for your ego and therefore you are not aware of it, and you will not be aware of it as long as you serve your ego, not your divine Self; thus, being hidden in the realm of divine, in Unconscious, your true Self knows it, and the whole universe knows it, but not you, or anyone else that serves his or her ego.
You know the story in its true reality, as you know any other story in the same way, but, its being beyond your consciousness and therefore out of reach of your intellect, you are not aware of it, as is everyone else around you unaware of the true reality, because it is stored in your and everyone else’s unconscious; by a lucky coincidence or a perfect design is that so, because, if you, or anybody else for that matter, would be able to reach it, your ego would, through your intellect, already have a good feast of it by trying to “correct” it and change its settings, thus, after everything falsified and corrupted, a human would not have a slightest chance to become a man. Or, to put it very mildly, your ego that is hidden in the genius of your intellect, being of a restless and perhaps very creative nature, would not be able to resist tempering with it; you see, ego is very selfish that way and does not think of your future.
Being a human being, therefore, comes as blessing to some individuals; the dumber they are, the fewer chances are there that they will be nagged by their intellect; or that the genius in them would wake up. Whereas every living being is connected with the universe through their true Self, through the Unconscious that we call God … not all possess the genius; those who possess it, usually it possess them more than they possess it. Thus, because of circumstances surrounding your person as a human, the story is now unknown to you, and will be as long as you are a mere human being, who is “free” of a master, a man, that would take you under his wing; as the angels do. The story got forgotten and lost, lost in the Unconscious, lost in your heart where it can be found, by Man, and retrieved when the person is ready and worthy of it. It is forgotten by design; it is because the story itself is a test of a sort for a human, showing him that he has not developed enough spiritually, and that he did not pass the test of life; that he did not become a man who would be able to grasp and maintain the creation of life in its originality.
You see, the heart of Man, which a human is lacking, resides in the realm of supreme Self, which is the centre of His aspirations, and the centre of His universe; it is centre of Man and belongs to Unconscious. Intellect though has put itself to the centre of human desires, around which the humans dance, and serve it well. A failure is associated with a betrayal and here we must indicate that to betray someone or something, one must have a firm bond with it in the first place, so firm that the act of betrayal reflects this bond, as ultimately, one, by committing the act of betrayal, is betraying him or her very self; but, because the intellect has imposed itself as the superego, the person is not aware of the treacherous deed that he or she has committed. Therefore, life did not fail humans, since life itself is neither designed by humans nor is designated for the humans; life responds to Man as its master, to God; and to all those creatures on the path to higher realities. Until a human develops into a real man, he cannot lay any claim on life itself, nor can he enjoy the life in all its glory; because, it is not his life. Any human, thanks to his or her intellect, is in fact stealing a peace of existence for himself (or herself), and all this in the guise of borrowing of the needed time to be able become his real Self, the Man, God; in other words, to liberate himself from the state of his own unreality and the life itself that is not his. One possesses or is possessed; but the intellect finds its rationale, the middle of the road approach; therefore, it makes the person think that one either possesses it or does not; or, he or she, is possessed by it, or not, so that the misery can go on into infinity.
Since the life itself does not belong to human, and there is nothing that is loose, but everything is somewhere and belongs to some thing or person, so, it is reasonable to say that the humans belong to life; unlike man, a human is bound to life and without life, or beyond life he does not exist. Whereas Man is creator of life itself (or co-creator of life in a human form), a human, which is devoid of the initial creativity of a creator, is only a mere mold from which the life is enhanced or created. Only as a transformed being into a man, one can ever hope of eternal life; and since the life is designed to serve a real man, and therefore belongs to Man, all that is within the life belongs to the Man. Man is the real sovereign, the supreme ruler of life itself. Life never fails Man; and nothing is impossible for Man, or to man. Trouble is that a human fails to become the Man, either by lack of effort or guidance, that comes from his own heart, from his own Self and thus human fails to become the one that is worthy of life; any life, this timely life is just a test for the eternal one. This guidance from the Self is written in universal mind and stored in the Unconscious; it is, therefore, not a duty of a man to force the knowledge down the human’s throat, but rather everything lies on readiness of a human to be able to take all responsibilities on him that freedom of man requires.
I sincerely hope, it is to no offence to our nicer sex if I mentioned man only in a singular tense; it is for the reason of simplicity only and means both sexes of the mankind, male and female, unless is deliberately indicated otherwise. So, if you think that the life treats you shabbily, then now you know why this is so? See, this knowledge you got for free, and I gave it to you without violating the mystery codices, which forbids me throwing the pearls to swine, but to speak the truth only to those who deserve it. There is no need to keep the written record of the original (Truth), because it (Truth) is not meant to be proclaimed loudly, but, instead, it must be whispered only, so that it can be heard by the right people only; and, logically, it come to those ears only that are close to me, for they will be able to hear the soft voice of the Truth. Truth resides in all creatures of life, since it is the Life itself; but, not all of the living will or is able to recognize it as such.
But, since this knowledge is of a basic nature, regarded as “common sense”, I have dared to speak out; there are too many lacking it, so that even these words may get lost on them. Maybe I was too optimistic at the beginning of this paragraph when I said that “I shall hope …”; we just say so in order to keep the reader’s enthusiasm high, but, even though I believe that my writing is right down to earth, there are many who will not be able to understand; I shall spell the reasons later as I go. Before we go any further with the story, it shall be explained one little thing to the reader, in order to make him to understand the matter; we are aware that an ordinary human depends on his ego, because that is all that he has at this moment, so to satisfy his ego would be a right thing to do at this moment. Later, when his ego is satisfied and becomes less defiant, we shall be able to bring home to our reader the stuff that was always inaccessible to him due to vigilance of his ego that makes his intelligence filter only the information and data that is understandable to it, which is a normal thing to do.
Some readers shall discover and some rediscover this as their page, just in time; they will feel some unknown and uncanny familiarity with it. Some, though, will miss it out altogether. Some might be able to learn enough to enable themselves with easier lifestyle, which will make their lives more pleasant and some will never live their lives, but instead, they will, as usual, only populate the world with their unhappy existence, thus constituting this unhealthy part of the world’s population that many of most noble philanthropists find revoltingly unhealthy for cohabitation of this planet, Earth. It is those unhappy creatures that make the life unbearable for the rest of the mankind; it is those creatures that are the cause of all evil, so to speak and instigate the unrest and upheaval in various parts of the otherwise beautiful world, worthy of noble existence.
It is a real crime that there is a single person drifting aimlessly through this life. Yes, especially when his or her aimless drifting afflicts him or her with so much pain and anguish, which the others cope in the due course as well, especially when there is no need for suffering. When a person claims to be Man, the one that has overcome the human hood, and is enslaved at the same time … what example and incentive that should be to others. With such an action, he becomes a riddle to others and causes the others to try to solve something that cannot be solved. No one afflicts so much suffering to human as they, he or she, do it by themselves, with being unable to pass the life’s test and become Man; Man do not suffer, He enjoys life. Life itself is designed by Man (as God) for Man, to serve Man, together with everything that it brings with itself; humans are meant to be on service to Man as servants to their master, and serve Him well. In doing so, a human being shall find happiness, and those of the humans who excel in their service and loyalty shall find Nirvana and be rewarded by the virtue of becoming Man. They are afraid of physical slavery, yet spiritually they are locked out of the any possibility to free themselves.
Freedom brings responsibilities in itself that are usually abused by irresponsible humans; greater freedom means greater responsibilities at the same time. For the humans, it is a terrible state to be free, disoriented and confused; for, by divine design they must belong somewhere if they are to be domesticated (or civilized, colonized etc), like the domestic animals that are finding their purpose of life in protective “captivity” that are different from the wild beast that kills and is killed in process of life. Without a master in a person of a real man, they will inevitably fall prey to those lowest impulses within their person that one must overcome to become a man.
Thus, with the physical freedom alone, they will stay locked in vicious cycle of praying and being prayed on; as, one does not lives on bread alone, they lack the spiritual support of redemption that would normally come to them through their master. Thus, humans resemble wolves that unite under the law of brute force and attack the life around that is organized under the law of justice; in time there are too many wolves around and hardly any sheep. Some do, of course, put on a sheep’s skin and pretend, but all this pretence does make them any better person; on the contrary, it slows down, or even prevents them all together to achieve to become men. Therefore, The Ancient One came to set you free by way of transforming you into a man; but you shall serve first to deserve this freedom, by learning how to become a man, how to become I, The Ancient One.
Nothing is free for those who themselves are not free. Once being a real man (Man), and thus a free person, everything changes; everything comes closer and is within reach. It is there for Man to claim it. I express myself in this way, because there has never been occasion on this planet lately, where would plural (Men) be appropriate expression; real men are such rarity that are practically invisible. Usually, they look down to enslaved human from the Cross; after two thousand years nobody is able to reach the Truth spoken by Jesus, for example, even Peter forgot most of it when he reached Rome. Thus, the Ancient One appears at times to reiterate the Truth; once again to teach and bless humans, leaving them by themselves after that, usually via Cross.
But the humans are just humans, after all, and they are liable to succumb to the temptation of their intellects and forget those very Truths, thought to them by The Ancient One, that liberated them; they forgot the redeeming Truth and had to supplement it with their own one, thus creating an ever-new, scientific Truth and an entirely new religion based on it, which has no connection with the origin of life, i.e. God. Humans are all too eager to respond to their ego, i.e. their intellect, in trying to imitate the Truth; they will eagerly accept and mimic all of the goodies of life, except for the Cross, where they will get puzzled, and, lacking the real knowledge based in Truth, they will criticize the Cross itself. Nevertheless, without the Cross, the Truth is incomplete, and this is that Truth that science is neither able to discover nor support, and without that Truth a human will not become Man.
It does not necessarily mean that a person has to physically endure all of the pains and anguish of Jesus, in such a drastic and dramatic way, for example, because the Cross of Jesus was an exemplary action with a definite purpose to shock people; the times change but events contain the same message that appear different but are the same. What is certainly needed is that humans undergo the spiritual transformation and change from within, thus, accept the Cross, and live in readiness of receiving it at any given time. This is what is lacking in the whole exercise of preaching and “teaching religion” today; no preacher can tell you anything about the Cross, since he does not know anything about from the bottom of his heart, but only what he was thought through the intellect, scientifically.
Thus, today we have many supplements for one and the same Truth, and because of them, the Truth itself has gone, forgotten; some of the attempts to find the Truth were noble ones, but not all of them. Many of those attempts to find the Truth are just money spinners and nothing else; of course, humans do not know it and therefore their trying gives them some kind of comfort in this life of slavery and deceit. They are subject to deceitful notion that they are men already by the virtue of being humans; however, they feel from the bottom of their heart that they are not free and that feeling of theirs contains a real knowledge that, in the course of life, was completely forgotten; it will surface again from Unconscious into conscious mind, but only to those who have ability to receive it, not to all humans.
One of the secrets I shall reveal to the reader, if that could be of any help, and this is that the seat of Unconscious is the heart, and the seat of the Conscious is the intellect, or brain. Even as a human being, you are connected with the whole world, and more than that, with the whole universe, through your heart without you knowing it; and you might feel this, but fail to grasp its meaning. You are more aware of your world that is perceived by you through your intellect; thus, all efforts are being made to make you understand those things and ideas that are within reach of your intellect, thus, training your ego to accept those things and ideas that are offered to you. With doing so, they will provide a free choice for you, because you shall accept “happily” all of these things and ideas if your ego accepts them … until some time later when you find out, through the discontentment of your heart, that you have been tricked into something that is not for you.
In some of my other papers I have mentioned the modern science and the effect it made on life of humans who substituted the original Truth or Truths with the truths of everyday life that are made or invented mainly by humans; like little cheats that some will play upon you etc. I shall write about the role of the modern science in a separate paper; when put in its proper place, the proverbial devil is not as black as one could paint it, and it is very important to view the subject in the proper light. All falls back to misconception of a human that he is automatically a man by the virtue of birth alone, and especially by the virtue of the genius that he might possess, which means that the more intellect is there in a human being the more ego has there that has taken over and cloud¬ed the access of the human being to his own heart, to the Unconscious.


Writing continuously every day it would take a long time to exhaust the material of all of the aspects of this subject, on Word, Myth, Dreams, Premonitions, Visions and other phenomena that are inaccessible to humans; the subject is simply too big. These are the invisible bounds that connect this conscious and thus limited world of a human with the unconscious and limitless world of Man or God (or the Unconscious, if I am to use scientific jargon); since these bonds are out of reach to a “liberated” “intelligent” human, he is an orphan, so to speak, doomed to eternal slavery and earthly hell. Without these bonds a human shall lose, not only his only chance to attain the conscious cognition of his ancestry, of his father, but also will cause his memory to fade; until he becomes a living death. The presence of Man (in human) is raising a human above animal world, in which he, the Man, took the human to grow up, under His guidance and protection; if the world of Man dies, then a human, is free of that world, of course. However, the price is steep, because the fine print is there, which a human did not recognize; since he does not know and, as being just a human, he is not supposed to know anyway. Thus, he will pay dearly for his “freedom” from the world that is now dead, in form of unprecedented slavery to the new world that could not ever come into existence; being just a human, not a man, he does not contain the “spark of creation”, that blissful seed and ability of Man and God. Therefore, as a human being, he is destined to take the back seat of lesser existence; he must learn to grow and suffer the pain of the learning process that his faster growing and faster learning ego inflicts on him. And what could hurt more that his realization that he lives in the foreign world (or strange if you like), of which he has no command, no freedom, but just to do what is being told. He is paying already, but wait, there is more to come; just get ready for it. We shall discuss this in more detail somewhere else, not on the street.
As one can see, I have put Man in realm inaccessible to human, into the realm of God; a human appears to be a man, but as everything else, it is precisely that appearance that separates him from his master, the Man. An intelligent human is trapped in his peculiar world of the Conscious, which is the realm of intelligence, as opposed to the Unconscious that is in realm of the Truth; he is trapped in the same way as any other creature in its own world and because of that very condition, he is, like any other creature trapped in its world, not able to communicate with any other creature on conscious level, because all of them are in different kingdoms with distinct boundaries of their physically conscious worlds, which may overlap each other, but every of these worlds is determined by the conscious cognition of inhabitant, which is ruled by their respective intelligence. But, a human appears to be worse of because of his purpose of life of which, as seems to be the case, he is not aware or is not fully aware; because of his purpose of life, which comes in a form of divine duty, a human is not free in his world, as the other species or races may be.
The divine duty of a human, of which a human being, like any other animal, is not aware, is to become Man and thus capable of transcending the realms of life at will; no other species in any of the kingdoms of life has such kind of purpose, or any purpose for that matter. Divine is intrinsic part of the Nature and everything and everyone is bestowed by Nature with it, regardless of one’s awareness. All other expressions of life and creation are there free of divine purpose, because their duties are accomplished, which make them free creatures of life; except for Man and his procreation, that is a human. Or, perhaps, because only Man is divine master and the master of Divine; thus His work is eternal. Thus, Man is a blessed human of the past, and a human is the Man in His becoming; born as a human one grows into the Man. In other words, one is born free and if the divine purpose of life never strikes him, or if he is not taught about from other person, or persons, then, it is most likely that the one will stay “free” for the rest of his or her life; such a human will exist among other humans within his or her own world of consciousness, being unable to move and cross the boundaries of the physical world. But, because a human has someone of his own kind, who is able to go and come back if he so wishes and as he wishes, he (the human) is able to meet his master, the Man, who will teach him how to master the realm of consciousness and unhurt break trough to become the Man, which is to fulfill his divine purpose of life and his divine responsibility, thus qualify for the inner circle of God. The principle of the National …
No animal has capability of crossing spheres on its own, and the same applies to a human, to whom his intellect can be of any practical use only within the boundaries of his consciousness. Without a guidance of its master there is no way to break free from the world in which the being is confined; since, a disciple has to be disciplined and obedient, it is necessary for him to abandon one’s own intellect that deceives the individual all so often. Thus, a human must first become Man in order to do this; he must abandon his own ego and surrender his pride to his master, as it, for instance, any other animal does. An animal does that more easily, because it has no problem with its own thinking; therefore, an animal cannot disappoint its master, as the human does. The problems that associated with training humans lies partly in the master himself when, starting from his own point, he fails to keep the time fractionalized, or partitioned like a computer disk, and to each partition apply an extreme caution and doubt; if a pupil knows something now, it does not mean that he really knows it, and tomorrow he may disappoint his master, because his mind is subject to change, whereas that is not case with animals. Reason for this lies in susceptibility of human’s conscious cognition to be easily affected by the Unconscious; even more so when a human is being in the presence of the master, who brings the Unconscious in close contact with conscious cognition of his pupil. Therefore, it is easier for an animal to get “there” than for a human who has his pride or ego as an obstacle. In the same sense, it is obvious that those humans that are less intelligent have more to work for them in that direction than the ones that are very intelligent; therefore, by nature’s working, a moron, or a fool, have more in a way of a chance to enter my kingdom (or inner circle) than a bright one.
A bright person, as Judas for example, is usually overpowered by his intellect, which will never allow to be pushed aside despite the immense love in his heart for his master or their cause, and the betrayal will take place; it is this, his intellect, that shines forth, thus giving a shape to his own thought that otherwise is dormant and thus illegible. Thought on its own is just a dead substance in an ordinary numbskull that could be regarded as asset only to those who are able to put it into some sort of use; those who have no application for their thought or thoughts are regarded as morons. Judas, who was the smartest disciple of all of Jesus's disciples, was well educated man from a priestly family; he was betrayed by his ego (intellect). Thus, he was preconditioned for the act of betrayal; since only as a betrayed person by his own self (or so he and many others would think), he will be ready to accept something of a momentary appeal and shine for bliss, and that is gold, money or similar riches expressed in privileges etc. But, the money was too small a prize for what he really traded-in, so he threw it away and hung himself after realizing what he has actually done to himself. That is why it is all this as it is: because it is supposed to be so; he was preconditioned, destined. It is also saying that you are not to blame and judge too harshly. The Man has returned to take away the original sin from you; the sin that is hidden in your consciousness of which you are aware all too well. The Man returned to this planet Earth, with the purpose of balancing the life on it; otherwise, as one can see, the beast is threatening to develop into the Man. And, the Man is here to pay for the damage made by humans, since they obviously are not aware of what actually is going on.
The only platform where the communication between different species or races is possible is the platform accessible to all and every kind of life, and it is in the realm of Man or God, in the realm of Unconscious and, paradoxically this realm is the least accessible; this situation mostly affects intelligent beings as humans, and the more intelligent they are the greater effect it has on them, whereas beings of lower world or intelligence do not feel the effect to the same degree … or, if they do feel it, they are predestined, or doomed, to suffer in silence. To raise above human and become a man, that is on his way to Man, the cognition of affected being has to be able to accommodate free and unhindered transition of the states of its being, that is, the state of cognition being able to dwell in both Conscious and Unconscious at the same time. Carl Gustav Jung has made it more than sufficiently clear in his studies, which I would like you to read in its original form wherever possible in conjunction with this material; here shall that material be presented in a more unscholarly manner, on the verge of banal, with the specific aim of reaching the hearts of people who for one reason or another were not able to spend time in school, but ultimately depend on the Truth, as every single person does.
The Truth is never meant to be naked, thus, when spitted out in public it is quickly trodden over, derided or defaced; the Truth learned very quickly to beware humans. In such a form, Truth seemed promiscuous for intelligent mind, thus, driving many intelligent people insane; for the mind of a real genius, the realm of the Unconscious is a real challenge, because the barrier between conscious and unconscious cognition seems to be practically nonexistent and, due to lack of physical parameters for conscious guidance, it is insurmountable at the same time. The Truth was always, and always will be, well covered and hidden in Unconscious, out of reach of human, in Word, Myth and Dream and other forms that are subject to derision by the intelligent mind of the humans and therefore, in this way, the Truth was, is and always will be, well protected from those less worthy or unworthy ones. Thus, the derision of the Truth was its best protection possible; some laugh their heads off, getting the gist (Truth) home sometimes after very long while, and this is that this time was needed to them understand the truth. This is how the Truth survived to this day, and how it will survive in the future; because it was, still is and forever will be, hidden behind the masks that hardly any person believes in them or even wants to look at them, let alone in substantiality of their contents. As the time passes the masks change hiding the same content … but, we better leave it for later discussion in private at our home.

Word, Myth, Dreams …

Religions tried hard to uphold the word (of Lord) alive on its own, that is, without the myth and dream, making it void of direct contact with the original word of the Lord Himself, let alone with the higher realities where the Word itself still reside in the form of truth. The soup created was for the very hungry, that would replete only for the time being and it became a necessity to teach and/or interpret religious practices to humans; the purpose of religion was not in bringing the flock to the fountain of the truth, but to create one in its imagination first in the realm of the Conscious, by way of dogma. Every possible effort to succeed in finding the Truth, through mythical tradition that include the correct interpretations of dreams, was subject to ridicule and forbidden. Well, today the religions reap what they have sawn, and that is that nobody takes them as serious enough; every person is entitled to his or her own truth, which he or she is also entitled to proclaim as infallible for them, but only for them. Thus, the religions multiplied and accordingly multiplied the unattainable truth in the process.
To shove their truth down someone else’s throat is entirely different matter; but to us it is understandable, because it sustained an ethical codex and created a moral platform needed for self governance of the individual, this is a kind of behavior of a slave to help the master in governing him. Like the parent that sends the kid to fetch him a stick in order to give him belting. Namely, it is much easier and looks more humane when the slaves behave, so, there is no use of a whip or exemplary punishments needed. Lacking the contact with the real Truth, the one residing in the Unconscious and/or lacking the ability to bring that knowledge that is in limitless Unconscious to the very limited spheres of conscious mind of the public proved as an impossible task; it was much easier to cement the folks in ignorance and to impose dogmatic view, which could be adapted to the times as they come, than to bring their flock to the other side of cognition.
They tried and tried hard, all of them; they made from one-man’s religion two or more of them, and put much effort into “presenting that other side of the coin”. In “Demons”, Dostoyevsky saw it as a doomed reaction to a doomed heresy. If I ask somebody to find possible mistakes in this text, there could be found many of them; so many that the whole text could be made into a new, maybe similar, but different one. And there we can at all times find some following of both of them. But behold; the following of the new version would make the old version obsolete, not less truthful, but obsolete. And the new people would follow new version of thought that would alienate them from the Truth. It is very easy to find the pit and it even easier to fall into it; it calls for ever-new and willing victims. Beside, it is luring, as every pit does, and even it might be a strange place, it seems to a human somehow familiar place; like his home. Well, it gives him a raison d’être for further efforts in trying to get out of it.
But today the Truth emerges anyway and the more it does the more the religion has on its hands to explain the unexplainable; to say the Truth it is necessary to abolish its dogma, that is, the very foundation on which rests its existence. Well, some might do that, but not too many; thus, it is, therefore, to expect more miseries to befall us in the future. On humans is now to succumb to obvious lie or to move on; since this decision lies within the conscious aspect of every human being, we must say that it is to expect that further attempts on the human consciousness will be made in the future. But, by saying that, we are aware of the “conspiracy theory” that will be stuck to this paper, as one of the well used and abused defense; there is no need for conspiracy, because the lies do unite inadequate in their clumsy efforts, even without their wish.
The Truth has its defenses that are peculiar only to itself and so has the lie the same set of mechanisms in place for its protection … and there should not be any fuss about that. Therefore, it is only a logical thing to think: if all people there are striving to find the Truth, and there is obviously a race going on, or it is all just a farce, one way or the other, then only those who feel being adequately inadequate in reaching their goal, will succumb to the inferior state of the lie that is contained in the act of copying the Truth. Others, those more capable seekers, will continue to search for the best, to reward themselves with the prize that is deserving of their real selves; only those unfortunate humans amongst less fortunate members of a society, like morons or similar numbskulls that are for some reason incapacitated or otherwise discouraged, will have neither choices nor chances other than those given to them.
One can imagine what a desperate society can offer; the survival of the fittest is evident and indicates that the society is in a desperate state. Healthy ones need no crutches; they can walk on their own. That is to say, if you do not give any respect to yourself, and thus show the example of your own worth, then there is more than just unreasonable to expect the respect of the others; it is ludicrous. Mercy is not a respect, and only a total moron would expect it at chaotic and desperate times, as the ones are for example that we are, just at this very moment, living in. Times will worsen, naturally, and we shall be witnessing unprecedented calamities very soon; I said “naturally”, because it is coming purposefully, as scheduled, to correct the faults in human behavior. It is the time to adjust the way the humans live and think; thus, as you can gather any calamity never affects Man, but only humans, chiefly those humans that are on the loose, who are without a master, that is, the Man who can give them a necessary guidance. One can clearly see when the moronic web is off his eyes, that not all of the human population is to be affected equally, but rather in accordance to the level of their consciousness, which they can attain only in the presence of Man or God, or in the presence of original Truth that contains Man, or God. Some of the holly books simply will not work; miracles will not happen, because what is in those books unclear and thus regarded as a miracle, it is just a normal thing in a different book. The only way is to know real Truth of the Unconscious, the Truth of the heart, as opposed to the cynical Truth of the conscious mind, i.e. the truth created or influenced by the intellect, is to read and follow the real author of the book; to question His statements in His presence. Philosophy, which derives from author’s works, helps us to find ways to the Truth in the realm of the Conscious, but it cannot bring any one seeker to the Truth; because the real Truth resides in the Unconscious, in an area that is inaccessible to the conscious mind.

Not only what, but how

Originally, prompted by a dream, this article began here, in the middle of nowhere; I really do not know where my dreams start and where they end. I do sometimes remember the contents of my dreams, but am not sure how to translate them in terms of reality; therefore, I do not dare to tamper with what I see as real as it could be. Some might try to argue with me that this is a reality, but I take it as just another one; I could accommodate more of them if needed, and often do, living simultaneously two lives. Anne used to tell me that many times; if she who lived with me every day found it difficult to understand me, than many others could stand a chance, so they regard me as a mystic, if not an idiot.
Many times happened that I get a lucid dream, with a feeling that that particular dream I will not be able to forget, even if I want it; but few hours later I could tell that the particular dream was losing its intensity and in course of time, all of it has gone. However, lately I was able to establish a true meaning of a sign and its correct interpretation, which was with me for a very long time; for few decades I attributed the wrong interpretation to that particular sign, namely, the interpretation was alright but just partly so that needed more exactly to be evaluated, which I failed to do. Instead, I enjoyed life that was filtered through wine and beer, or so I thought at the time, and did not care much about real reality. What I did notice that alcohol has had a tremendous effect o my “dream-life” in a way that my capacity to recall even a literal dream, years after I did stop consuming alcohol; if you drink, then there is something missing. It may be worth mentioning some observations that struck me some thirty-one or so years ago and those of more recent times, four to five years ago, I have noticed something repeating itself; I do not think that I discovered anything new, because the history is full of inventions of forgotten times, and I do not want to make any claim, as that I knew anything, but rather that I stumbled upon the Truth, now by accident or by design, that I leave to you to muse.
What I have discovered then, 31 years ago, and rediscovered recently is that the use of any drug whatsoever will either block or distort the clear perception of the true reality that is out of reach of conscious cognition; the realm of the Unconscious is unattainable in that condition. It is precondition for every truth seeker to refrain from any sort of drug, because they can alter the state of consciousness without anything really happening; even the tobacco and possibly tea, but I am not sure as yet, until I make some testing in that direction. As for alcohol, it takes at least 3 to 4 years until the first signs of healthy cognitive abilities show up. After the sufficient sobering the signs showed up, in gripping me most terribly in the chest area; I was interpreting those psychic attacks as signs that something must have happened somewhere, i.e. some one that I knew of must have died. It did also occur to me that my dreams are somewhat more lucid, though, but I did not take them as a sign of a command from the heaven to write them down; since I did not fully understand them at the time, I tend to ignore them, and just recently I have noted again, which I noted before too but ignored, and this is that the main idea tends to develop after I begin to write.
Just recently I discovered, again through my dreams, that those psychic attacks are heralds to significant dream that is due to come to me in my sleep that coming night that lies in front of me; so they are giving me forewarnings to watch for them and remember their contents. More on that or similar subjects I do say things in private; it is regrettable that humans so easily fall pray to their own need that could be so easily exploited, thus turning them defenseless flock, that is effectively detached from Unconscious, from Man and God, and leaving them at the mercy of their merciless environment. In this way a human cuts himself not only from the word and the myth, but from his own dream. I was compelled to say that much to you in public; you may say that I am an idiot, but you will not be able to dispute one iota of what is written here; something is telling you that this is the Truth. But, then I had to write this introduction, which you just read, and now I continue with the article; I hope so.
I have had a dream this morning (5 December 2009), symbolizing to me that I have to write down the gist of it, i.e. of this dream, before I forget it; in my dream I was shown not only what I must write, that the presentation will develop of its own, as how it should be presented. And it is going exactly as said in my dream. Therefore, I forbid anyone to edit my writings, except correcting the grammar and/or spelling mistakes. By “editing” I mean exactly what the word edit implies and that is “change”. There one can find many time one and the same phrase or word being repeated; unless is a computer error, where is the same patch of text repeated, such repeated phrases are purposefully repeated. Editor, therefore, should refrain of saving space, even if his publisher, for the profit’s sake, demands it. And especially so, if I made clear many times in past, that I do not say the full story in public, but am inclined to say more in private; say things in more clear manner to my friends, to my listeners, to my people.
This dream of mine, I must say, is in connection with observation of Carl Gustav Jung, about dreams and their role in the life of man. This is just a small article on the subject, which will be best understood in conjunction with the book by Aniela Jaffe: Memories, Dreams, and Reflections of C. G. Jung (1875 – 1961). Here is nothing to be added to the contents of Jung’s thought, but just to shed a little more light from a different angle, in order to clear the points that otherwise may stay unclear thus cause possible confusion; and I am sure that Jung himself would indeed agree with the thing what I feel that he has omitted to say (maybe he did say something similar somewhere, I cannot say). As I can remember, somewhere at the beginning of the book, Aniela Jaffe is telling us about her deleting some repetitive sentences and I wonder if those deleted sentences are the very sentences that would spare me this effort now; I would, most probably, still write if my dream tells me to do so, but, one cannot be sure if the deleted things in the book, as the contents of the Unconscious, would force its way to my Conscious.
Since the written word, dreams and myths are the only connections between higher and lower realities, i.e. between human and Man and/or Man and God, or between Conscious and Unconscious, one way to break this connection, and probably the only way, is, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to delete some passages of the text that conveys some specific meaning that usually would serve as the means to bring two parts of one into the state of wholeness; as Jung notes too, rational mind is unable to grasp the Unconscious and any of its peculiarities that are often expressed in repetitiveness. The intentional forgery gives only a different flavor, but does not alter the fact of forgery being at work; forgery could be there in the blueprint of the divine design, as a testing method for the “perfection”! We must bear in mind that, although the Man is perfect in His finality of Godhead that is, where the Conscious and Unconscious meet, a human as the empirical object of Man is anything but a perfect specimen; a human is enigma even for the science within his own realm. As we can see, a human is a problem; problem to himself and to others, like Man for example.
But, we better forget those “others” for the moment, the Man needs to solve His own problem, and for that reason He needs a human, to be able to experiment with him, or better on him with his that is, human’s consent (because, if the victim wriggles too much on the experimental table it may accidentally divert the scalpel and hurt the experiment, thus, even though the object of experiment is just a vermin, a rat, or innocent mouse, it would inevitably hurt the Man through the failure of His experiment); human has all components of Man, with the difference in those of a human being not as developed as those in Man and, therefore, they are not able to achieve the point of unification of the body and the soul. Freud has written about symbolism of dreams and their place and interpretation of what they reflect in the human realm on conscious cognition, and I must add to this that every dream is peculiar to the dreamer, and that the symbols of a dreamer could be interpreted only by the person that knows the dreamer well; not even every dreamer is able to interpret his or her own dream, because of the limitations impo¬sed by his state of consciousness. Thus, general symbolism could apply to archetypal situations only.
Repetitiveness is understandably annoying always and in every way and to every reader; it is annoying to all those who do not grasp the subject in the first place, because there is a chance that they will not grasp it altogether, even if the thing is repeated many times. However, repetitiveness has its purpose, and at times more than one; it is there for those readers who, although did not grasp the subject in the first place, it is possible that it comes to their understanding when the thing is repeated to them. And it is annoying to those who “understood it perfectly by the first reading”, which makes one laugh; even more so, because there are too many who do laugh without understanding that every of the “has” has a value that is peculiar to its own position in gurgle of the plughole or the laughter itself. Thus, there are not too many of those who know about it, which one, of so many “has”, to place in the right position; and that might account for the fact that we never hear the final laugh, but just laughter or the laughter of the fools as they are contributing their bit to the comedy of life, as best as they are able to. Some wet themselves in the process, and some make even bigger and more spectacular contributions; people are different and thus express themselves differently.
After first “editing” of any of the original material, or possible tampering with it, the edited message will necessarily become obscure; because, it is tainted with editor’s ego. Thereafter, all consequent readers have lost the touch with the original thought of the author to whom the work is ascribed. If a religious book is transcribed from a copy, no matter how excellent one it is still just a copy, this copy will never make for that unconscious message that it has to bring to the reader; because it is just a copy of a truth that has originated in consciousness of the editor mirroring the picture from the Unconscious, but not original or the true Truth that comes from Unconscious. Not a single piece of any material, of even contemporary material for that matter, is hitting the eyes of the public in its original form, let alone a historical account or, heavens forbid, the politically motivated accounts, where the material is classified as being a top secret.
Now, I do not say that everywhere is conspiracy at work, because such a statement could influence a readers mind to possible dismissal of the validity of my point; I am not joking, but even if reader dismisses my point, there is still his or her point left to struggle with. However, if any of my readers happen to reach their conclusion, as to that, then it is from the fact that lies are weak in themselves, and, for that reason, we need as many lies as possible that support each other in order to unite and form a truth on one hand, and ego enjoys in the position of a judge, so, it feels good to be an editor. That is why I want let anyone editing my stuff; rewrite it as is, or leave it. In my younger days, though I do not consider myself to be any older now, just a bit worn out, but knowing that I have to present myself as the world wants to see me, or the people do not want to listen to what is obscene to their eyes, I must speak sometimes with the tongue of my beloved readers. So, in my younger days I was editing my magazines [left out for now] and I know how it is from the first hand: many are laughing and some are being laughed at, and all this fun spins around until somebody gets enough of fun and jams the jukebox … with a small dime that leaves a big mark in a form of a big black bruise under the eye. If one is lucky enough to get out so lightly; when six "patriots" attack one, who is crippled in [left out for now] ... waiting for the lucky moment when the editor is crippled long time, daring not attack him before, and especially not as one-on-one ... for that shameful reward. This is the way how some editors learn from humans, the hard way; in school they learn the democratic way of free expressions where the written word has no limits and free access to everything. But that is just school, one of many branches of the same inexperienced science.
Thus, whatever the situation, the experiences may differ but the life makes them sound and act in the same accord. I may crack occasional joke while writing about all this, but I sincerely hope that the reader will be able to discern among them the serious stuff; and this is that raison d’être for my writing. Every magazine, or even every book, has never enough neither time nor space for presenting the material in its true form where a reader would be able to truly connect through his or her real Self that is, through the Unconscious with the Word, in total directness of the meaning; because, regardless of intentions, the media is overstepping its role of informing, it is propagating itself. Thus, when material is edited (and in many cases translated), the light shed by the editor or translator is decisive, since it is in realm of intellect, all too easily graspable to the reader. And, since it is propagating itself, it is appealing to the intellect, supplying it with the material that they want it to grasp and translate to the victim; intellect, realizes not that is fooled, because it is preconditioned that way. When the writer appears to be a mystic is that he is yet too far from public reach; it is he who should try to shed a light onto his thoughts and ideas from all possible angels until the public understands him, but nobody else is to do that for him. But, since his material is not in his hands and under his control, but is in control of the media apparatus, he is out of contact with the readers of “his” ideas. If anybody else tries to build up on ideas that are not coming from within, it has no chance of reflecting a truth, but inevitably turns into a disastrous material, and dangerously misinforming most of the time.
This practice is going on from the time of invention of written media, but, it is not to say that the forgeries start there; they can be traced into traditions before the written word came into use, just that with written word we are able to prove the forgery. I challenge any person in this world to show me where we can find any original material of great importance that is not of some sort of a translation or being edited; except, maybe, for novels, and this just “maybe”. Even a novel, with all its characters carefully chosen to describe and mask certain situation, would be subject to censorship. Thus, for the reason of economizing, Dostoyevsky’s classics, for example, are “shortened” and repetitions are “eliminated”, because of the shortage of the space, thus inadvertently, but necessarily, those works are now void of original, profound National character in its meaning given by the author; “Russian” is there interpreted as chauvinistic, a nationalistic that is; National is in this way devoid of its soul, which many an editor would understand in accordance with his belief or in accordance with the times and inadvertently would change its meaning. Thus, the edited novel is not really that originally written novel by said author any more; now, as edited, his novel has only a selling value, and as result its literary value comes in question, because it is void of the gist of the real story. Now, as edited, the purpose of that Word in the novel, is to bring bread to author, but not to the Truth to the hungry souls; and, as Jesus put it "one does not live on bread alone". Thus, it is noted by many a scholar that every translation sounds different from the original work and for that reason they tend to learn foreign languages in order to be able to lay hands on the original works. Personally I am not a scholar and, to say more, all or most of my writings are based on my dreams; so, one might say, they are lacking selling value. It is the case with every single writer that one is able to find in any standard book store; to find the really original work is almost impossible, because those volumes are not sold in conventional book stores, but the distribution of such material is secret. In any case, you want be able to find these materials on shelves, but if you ask about them, you may be able to arrange something with the seller.

The power of dream … to David Pluff’s widow

Just this afternoon (10 December 2009), I have had another revealing dream, about one little thing that has to be inserted into this article; about the power of dream and prayer. It is six days now after I begun this article about dreams as the means of the most direct connection between the dreamer that is here in realm of the Conscious, and his real self that is there in the realm of the Unconscious, in realm of Man and God, the connection that is for many humans interrupted or lost. This here is a kind of a workshop article, reserved normally for private study; therefore its meagerness must be understood. Here I am not at liberty to present in public what is not for the eyes of the public, but is reserved for my close friends. The article is to give a practical lesson of the power of the prayer to a person close to me that the person is to repeat (even though, I am sure that the person does not believe in it), to show her that power, which will, by its effect being manifested, make her believing in what she is seeing. It matters very little, or nothing at all, what she believes or even wants, because, at this moment it is not her prayer, it may later become hers, but is mine and therefore it contains workings of my power in itself. Knowing her, she certainly cannot believe any of it, simply because, on top of usual conditioning of nowadays, she is not able to make anything of what I am talking about; language barrier, as they call it, prevents her to understand me. But, even that being a problem, she will be finally treated fairly, because she is friend of mine; she is a person from inner circle of my friends, she is destined to bear witness to the world that what I have to say now herea¬fter in this article is true. (Actually, this will take place after I finish this with the writing of this article, probably in few days.)
I have explained to her, but doubt that she understood me, that this, what I am going to teach her, is not a miracle, but just an ordinary normal expression of power that we can find everywhere in nature, and use it if we know how to do that properly; otherwise, if abused, it could backfire. I could do it myself without her even to be present, but, for the purpose of learning too, not just witnessing, I did teach her the exact procedure and what exactly to say (I use words sometimes that I do not understand either, so it is little point in explaining the vocabulary of the magic). I shall refrain here from explaining the exact procedure or wording of the prayer, but will say only that the help of the certain spirit is sought to find every person that is in possession of David’s personal effects and/or documentation of any kind, and to convey a convincing message to that person that he or she has to return the things to the rightful owner, that is to David Pluff’s widow; the misappropriated documentation and personal effects to be returned via Mrs. Pluff’s lawyer.
It is a simple principle of balancing the things, which would take its right cause on its own; but, it is always wise to avoid suffering that is not necessary and can be avoided. Due to misappropriation of personal effects and documentation, mentioned above, Mrs. Pluff is subject to suffering enormous loss; not only emotionally, but also materially. And the person that “safeguards” David documentation knows it well: among his documentation, there are policies that could be cashed only by his widow, and everybody who can read is able to know what they are worth. David did not cool down properly when “his dearest ones” were helping themselves with his rich collection of watches and guns, with pickup truck and caravan that is, mobile home and other things, of which some of the stolen stuff was returned but most of it was gone, forever gone; even his clothes and socks. They came from far and near to pay the tribute to David and thank him in this way. As one can see, the hatred makes people blind and it could attract bad karma that could inflict them with the realization that they are really to be that way. Amongst the stuff are “keys” that are known only to David and his widow; and to all others that come in possession of them, the very knowledge could bring them just a nasty time, but no blessing. Therefore, all this will bring curse to those who are in unlawful possession of it. We might be able verify one day all this that I have just said here; once the monument to David Pluff is up, as home for old and homeless people, I might come there and hope that everyone will be able to see me.
The person I am referring to is Mrs. Pluff, David Pluff’s widow; a person that suffered so much through the death of her husband and the suffering was not really that much necessary. Or the point may be just in that: to expose the practices of the US government to shame, as well as of some the people involved in handling of the property of late David Pluff of Turnertown, which he left entirely to his wife in his Last Will and Testament. His Will was contested by his daughter, Laura, obviously paying no respect to her father's wish; it was pretty bold of her, considering the facts in David Pluff’s email to his wife, which was sent in December, after he came back to his burned home from hospital, and prior to his deadly “fall”, as described by his sister, Lou, says it all. but, of course, Laura could know nothing about the email. Nevertheless, from the word “go”, they knew that there is very little or no chance to win the case; David Pluff clearly stated the two points of the will, where he disinherited all members of his family, stating that they are all aware or the reason for his decision (that was too awkward to be spelled-out in the will), and that all of his property goes exclusively to his wife. What is obvious from her action is, that they did not aim at winning the case, but at ruining Mrs. Pluff as much as possible. Later we should say more about this in a special essay.
Thus, their only hope was that Mrs. Pluff would not be able to get US visa, or have a proper representation at the court. Then, when she hired an attorney, their only hope was in prolonging the case, which would make her squander the last cent on costs of litigation. US government has included their goose in the suffering pot of Mrs. Pluff; rejecting the short-term visa to Mrs. Pluff, they inadvertently abetted for all loopholes in the law to be legally used “to the maximum extend of the law”. Also, David Pluff had left a superannuation policy behind, which cannot be of any use to his widow, because she cannot claim the US pension from abroad; to make a pension claim a claimant must be physically present on the US soil. Of course, the US government might say they were not aware of it, but, there are too many similar cries of victims of their being unaware of things, placed on their web page on Internet and other media. Well, when the government is acting so desperately, what can one expect from people, especially from those whom late David Pluff deemed as the beggars, and low-life.
And they did the best they could, and main part of her inheritance, more than 95% of the real value had to be sold off in order to pay the Executrix, attorneys and administrators. Those two small tract of land she was able to rescue, are the sites where we intend to build the monument to David Pluff in a form of a privately owned home of remembrance to David Pluff; to rule out any possible misunderstanding, Mrs. Pluff will sell the land to us, at the normal market price (if she wants to donate the proceeds of the sale is up to her, but we would not speculate or worry about that). Most saddening for her was that her lawyer, when they met in Hong Kong on 6 November 2009, could not give to her any but only few pieces of her husband’s personal effects, which he, i.e. Mrs. Pluff's lawyer received in a manila envelope from the lawyer of the Executrix of the will. And that was all, out of all those possessions that she knew of, some of which she herself bought and sent to her husband, and by seeing them every day while her husband was alive as they chatted on the Internet every single day, and many times more than once a day. When David was at his very end, with last of his abilities he rang his wife, not the ambulance, mind you, which would be much simpler and easier task for him in that situation, but his wife; to tell her that he loved her. “I … I … I love you, Ba...” (“Babe”, he was meant to say but was not able to finish.), only that much he said and died. Later on, at some other occasion, will be discussion on hatred, greed, envy and other phenomena, how they take possession of an individual and could spread their grip over the nation, region or the whole world; these are maladies of the psyche, which can and should be treated as any other physical disorder. Any of the mentioned emotion is liable to grow into a real disorder in either individual or in a society, and threatens to spread, because it has capacity to effectively paralyze the nervous system of the psyche and every kind of communications, through which the impulses of love would be able to bind people together. Here can be said with very high degree of accuracy, that the health of the psyche of a person, nation, world, or even of the universe, is depending on a healthy immune system, and that the health of the psyche is most vulnerable to any of the psychic disorders mentioned above but not limited to these, when the being in question is at its nadir. This usually happens when the nerve system of the psyche is under extreme pressure and, due to circumstances, fails to ensure a proper communications, which in turn causes the immune system of the psyche to malfunction and collapse. The immune system of the psyche is collapsing at this moment and this is the reason for all this that happens everywhere right now; more on that later.

(This article is from the epistle to the people of Turnertown, but it is applicable universally.)

Some quotes …

“As explained at private meetings, the date 21 December 2012 means the death of the old sun and a birth of a new one, by Mayan calendar; but, speaking in strictly esoteric way, this will occur in both ways: physical and spiritual. It is an occasion where we witness the beginning of a new life, a new beginning, where will those who are in the know of the original Truth be able to utilize their true knowledge of a beginning to their advantage, both spiritual and physical. In other words, the true witness will be the one who knows exactly what to look for, what is being witnessed; for many it will be a day like any other day, maybe more or less dramatic, but, nothing unusual or to worry about. It also means that human mortals without this knowledge will, as usual, be struggling as they are struggling in this old age; thus, they are doomed to see anything that would change their position for better, not because someone wants them to be doomed, but because that is how it is. One does take pity on them in a national set-up, but when a national society breaks down, as we have situation these days, compassion does not find its place in a non-national set-up and they are more then ever just what they have been lately: the cannon-fodder. If one has an idiot within a family, one does care about that person; and also one does care about the neighbors, but only where the National is alive and kicking one cares nationally. And as for “one world”, “united” or not, do not make me laugh; it is just another idea of a big profit to some and even bigger misery for the rest of humanity.
“To tell you the truth, I could not give a damn dime for your love, for me or anybody else; since without a trust in me, your love for me will all too quickly dissolve into nothingness. It is especially so, if you do not understand this what is offered to you. Trust me; it is the Truth, what I have just said. Trust me! Trust is the fact and not a game of emotions, as love for instance, that can be, and is, influenced by outwardly world; some would argue that love could not be bought, but many are there buying it and are bought precisely through their love and by their love, for which at times they pay dearly and regret it later. The unconditional love is expressed in unconditional Trust; I know that you agree on that point with me, especially if you have learned a lesson or two about love. This is the way the universal intelligence speaks to everyone; it is up to you to decide if you are worthy of it, because if you have jumped the fence into the unknown world too early, you may wish that you have not done that.
"All of you are craving for riches, even though none of you knows what the real riches are and where they could be found; thus, all of you are trying hard to find it there where they could not possibly be found, that is without your own self. All is in you, and so are the riches, just you do not know it. The real riches are not in that what you have, but rather in that what you do not have, because you are successful to keep it at by; when you are cleansed of needs, then it means that you are really rich. Unmet need of any and every kind makes one poor. In situations where a person is in a state of need for a prolonged period of time, that person (or even a group of people for that matter) will gradually develop the psychotic tendencies, which will cause that person become greedy and selfish.
"Do not try to bribe me with your money or anything that is not real; I do not want your money, though I do realize that it could be of help to the cause, I want you. Not that I need you, just want you. But, I want a real you, and therefore I am determined to make Man of you, the one that is equal to me; whose youth I shall bless and enrich. Thus, you shall become The Ancient One and I shall become young and full of vitality; you shall live forever through me and I through you. I am here to bring us, the Young and the Old, together, into a one unit, as we should be; only as one we are indestructible and live forever. Separated from each other, we are doomed to leaning on the fragile crutches given to us by others (society), which are, more often than not, inadequate."


Adding to this unusual magazine: unusual stuff

It is (or rather, it was) just a cover and if left empty is only partially useful, so, we will use it to help the author in his project; by the odds that he is presented with, his efforts are really amazing. The author is 65-year-old invalid pensioner, living in Australia, his old-age pension is under the question mark; the Australian social security (Centrelink) is doing every possible effort to harm that particular customer of theirs, by chopping his pension every now and them, avoiding to settle the matter in the Court of Justice. With the help of their tribunals, they are systematically plundering that particular person, the author of this project; and, as we gather, there may be many people around that are suffering at the hands of Centrelink. Centrelink is relentlessly inventing new rules for the customer, trying all sorts of humiliating tricks; and, as the things are now, one or two weeks before the customer is 65, they try to make the customer illegible for the old-age pension. It is hard to believe, but that is ...
Before they said in their correspondence that the transfer, from invalid pension to old-age pension, will be automatic, but now the customer must provide “proof” for this and “proof” for that. They try hard to have him again off pension, and maybe off the system, but, one can never know when they may come into situation and need to explain that one day to their diplomatic colleges, when they praise their model for securing their pensioners. The person seeks no confrontation, but the way to go around continuing with his life, considering it to be his private business; freely, without being kept under surveillance by the Centrelink. It seems that once you are on their list, they will gladly remove the pension, but you will rot there forever; to be free person and to be in their books does not go hand in hand, because, as many businesses do, they remember you forever and tend to send you a costly season greetings. He hopes that, though he is not in the primmest of health, that he could get some sort of work that he could manage, and support himself independently of Centrelink's whims. It hurts him to be think that a pensioner might be a burden to "tax-payers"; if anyone is a real burden to "tax-payers", the that is Centrelink itself, accompanied with the banks, which are all private companies, leeching on the public that should be a national body. Freedom is the essential base for everything, including the life itself; even to be a pensioner, one must be free, in order to receive his or her pension with dignity and not to be ashamed of it as a kind of bribe. This shame, it is exactly that what Centrelink wants to instill into their “customers”. That same freedom is essential for reading and understanding of this magazine too.
Author’s identity is well known to Centrelink, so, he is refusing to do any of extra efforts that would “please” Centrelink, simply because, it is obvious that there is nothing that could please Centrelink. [This irrelevant now; the papers have been lodged with Centrelink, and now remains only to wait, and see how it goes further, -Ed.] It is obvious that Centrelink is gunning for that person, trying hard in harming the person; not to ensure that the person receives the right amount of pension, as they claim to be the case. If they look for parasites, then they should not look too far. The author shall, instead, spare all his efforts for this project; if this project goes well, then it is logically to hope that the author will be able to survive, despite all of the overt and covert tricks of the Centrelink. This project brings a hope, not only to and for author, but for many around the world, whereas any "Centrelink" that is business-based is nothing but disaster. In that sense, if you support the project, then you automatically support the author of the project. It is a shame that the old-age pension depends on “tax-payers”; this author has described this shameful affair elsewhere on our websites. It is publicly displayed and by visiting our web page one can get some info from there. You are welcome to visit our page or we can supply you with the printed material on this and similar subjects. Some time ago we have started a magazine on that subject, but, we had to abandon the idea for the time being. The address (URL) of our web page is -- so, all are welcome to see it.
Thus, in order to be able rendering a real and worthwhile contribution and help the people around and the society as a whole, one must be free; he/she must create for themselves a proper living and working environment, away from any molesting situations. It is not really in domain of government or anyone else for that matter, to make any special provisions for any individual, especially if those provisions are deemed as unnecessary or, even worse, if they are deemed in the eyes of government as a possible hindrance in their governing efforts; therefore, it is, really, rather a private business of the individual. I sincerely hope that the reader does agree with me on this, because I do not want to argue; arguing shortens every person’s life very dramatically, just people do not know this.
Therefore, it is only logical to think that to live at the address that is known to them (Centrelink) is to give them a chance to exercise their “right” of overseeing their beloved customer, “to make sure that everything is all alright”, or, at least, that the things flow to their plan; and, if there is a right, then it automatically should imply a duty, which could have lasting very nasty long-term side effects, one of which I shall describe here, because I felt them just recently so strongly that it put me out of action for some time; I have had to stop writing this in order to lie down and calm my nerves. Some six or so years ago, I was placed under surveillance by Centrelink; later I was able to read the surveillance report by the provision of Freedom of Information Act (FOI), which made me very upset, so much, indeed, that some of the contents of the report I am not able to forget. One of the thing that struck me the hardest is, “… and we threw a glance into subject’s flat” (just paraphrased). Since then, I never leave my front door open (but only have it ajar if the heat is really terrible); today, I have had a visitor that was not aware of my condition, and that person has left the front door open. At that moment a tall man passed my door, in order to access the neighbor’s door, and he knocked on neighbor’s door; despite the obvious fact that he was on legitimate business, I nearly passed out and had to lie down for a while in order to calm down and get my wits back. Those cushion-polishers are either not aware or do not care what they do to their “customers”; being left at discretion of either ignorant or sloppy officers, the “customer” of the Centrelink (or of government), really suffer.
It is obvious that the Centrelink, as a private company hired by our government, is treating us as their customers, in businesslike manners, but as those customers that they serve once and forget them; to them we are just customers who are to be ripped-off and this is just about all that matters. And, the very fact that we are Australian “customers”, in Australia, is beside the point, even worse, it could be regarded as a chauvinistic or nationalistic point of view that, as such, it reaches into the politics, or even worse, into the nationalism, which is meant to be hated, or at least it should be, by every person in the world that we (Centrelink) want to unite under the (by now pretty bloody) banner of democracy, of course, so, we are here for business, not for politics or nationalism. Did I put it right? Thus we pensioners have landed in a business venture with a foreign company, as described elsewhere (that could be obtained through us), and wondering where is our government and our home; have we been sold out? And, since it is as it is, a business, we pensioners, therefore, rightly demand a clear slate and want a heavy remuneration from that private company.
Whenever Centrelink trespass against pensioners, their “customers”, they should be treated by us exactly in the same manner that is in a businesslike manner as they treat us, their “customers”; the trouble is that ordinary citizens have not sufficient powers to protect their rights, or to impose the execution of their rights, as, for instance, a corporate body has. For example, they accused this author that he broke their regulation and for that the accusation, which they dare not to clear in court of law, but enforcing it on their own by way of being backed (and protected) by their tribunals, they are deducting from this "customer" of theirs a big hunk of “customer’s” pension; as, we are sure, they do the same from many other of their beloved “customers”,. Thus, they are just adding to the misery of this pensioner in particular, who is, by the way, a very sick man; but, most of the other maladies befall that pensioner in the cause of time while he was fighting with the Centrelink for his rights. Be it said here publicly once again, that the author is charging them $1,000 for every time they suspend his pension, or create any, no matter how trivial, mistake. If they cannot do their duty as it should be done, without creating miseries in our country, then they should leave it and go. We have solutions, which we are prepared to talk over with those who have our wellbeing at heart; Centrelink is not for us. In early 1980s, when was the big selling out of national assets started, and the nationally-based Australian social Security system (DSS) was replaced with Centrelink, as internationally-based social security system, the nation in Australia was abolished, and since then, Australia has gone as a nation, retaining only geographical meaning; maybe economic, since it is an "open mine" for United States and London-based interests, but as a nation ... There are some eighteen other countries under the siege at this moment, and it is very likely that some have already succumb to the "economic needs", created for them in a similar way as they were created for the nation of Australia. Croatia is one of them, for example.
We are aware of the fact that pensioners are burden to their societies throughout the world, which should not be the case if our model is implemented; just, the trouble is that our model, as a good one, could not be implemented with a bad lot of people that would look after its implementation. It is necessary to clean up the vermin that has take a firm hold on national body; these days, as in the beginning of 1980s in Australia, the national body has been abolished to enable the prosperity of the vermin, that are banks and other foreign parasitic companies that replaced national institutions. Germany at the beginning of the twentieth century was confronted with the same national problem, which they tried to solve in a mild and humane way; it not only failed, but encouraged the vermin to the point where the nation came under the question mark. Vermin's aggressiveness only in plundering the nation to the extent where it could not take it any more, brought the thought that the vermin has to go clearly up to the front in every persons head, not only in Germany, but across the world; anyone would act in similar manner as Hitler did, if he would want to fulfill peoples expectations and not disappoint them just with plain rhetoric full of lies, as politicians of today do. And, as it stands, everywhere in the world is the situation that we have always the same sort of people that are in governing places, regardless of their religious or political orientation; to that “elite” is important to be at the top, whereas their rightful place is at the bottom of their respective society, as they belong there. As long as they are where they are, there will be always be victims in their domain, who will be plundered by them. The idea I have in mind is so simple and easy for implementing that it is really makes me wonder why this model is not implemented before; the only conclusion that I am able to make is that there are some people that make a good use out of the people’s misery, therefore, they do not want to implement anything that is of common good. This people are parasites that can survive only by leeching on the body of the nation, rendering it to the state of helpless mass that in this form, as a public, can be leeched forever.
Bearing all this in mind, we are not grumbling about them, or anyone else for that matter, exercising their duties, but just making sure that we do not give them a chance to do that “what they have to do” in too sloppy ways; if we give them a chance for molesting, then we are culprits as well if they use it; otherwise, we could be just a “lucky ones” if they, for whatever reason, do not use it, that is, if they deem that the damage to us, in the way of leeching, would not warrant their exposure. Therefore, as one can see, it is all up to us and they are not so much to blame and in our paper “Urbi et Orbi”, we were urging people to help us in organizing the whole business on a legal level, to school and maintain our own lawyers, as the lawyers are too reluctant to take up a case against Centrelink; at the same token, when they are stealing every fortnight a hunk of a customer’s pension, then that is because they at the Centrelink know how the land lies; they know the customer’s position, so they can afford to put their claws into customer’s kitty; they have, as they say, the power to garnishee customer’s bank account, and other “rights” that other mortals have not.
The Centrelink can check customer’s account at any time; or anyone else’s account, since they do not need court order, as they claim. On the other hand, how the bank could possibly know if their, i.e. bank’s client is also Centrelink’s “customer” or not; or, if the Centrelink has a legitimate right or is just usurping the right to garnishee someone’s account. After all, rights are here to be used; and many times are used so eagerly that one could say they are being abused. But, in society as busy as ours, many things go unnoted. So, why not to use those “rights” if they are legalized (rights or wrongs, we are talking here about power, not justice). Pensioners have their rights too; they are generally not aware of their rights, because the Centrelink is not supplying them with info about their true rights (based on common law and entrenched in justice), but rather with those “rights” of theirs that comes with the pension; therefore, all the info about those rights is as questionable as the pension itself is.
From the stuff cited above one could clearly see that in a way the Centrelink yields more executive power than that of the police force in our country; police has obtain a warrant, but Centrelink is able, by clear admission in letter to this writer, “garnishee your bank account without a court order”. Some two decades ago, there was a rumor going around that our police will be privatized too, along with every other of our national institutions. It is hard to find these days, any institution that is really national; tax-payers money has gone to private pockets. It would not surprise me if it has already been done and our police have gone, in secrecy, through the back door; it is the only way how a nation could be sold out to foreign interests. Yeah, if you run the national economy a national way, and it is presented in the world context, where we all “share” (some profits and some losses), then it is inevitable to expect to be on the losing side, by paying the wars that promise gains, but whereas all battles are being won and war is still on; I am talking here about past and about those things that cause the rug to bulge and the shit peps out on all edges of the rug, so that the stuff that has changed relief of the home.
Modus operandi is there clear to us, just we do not want to discuss it here, but one must be a total moron, to be unable to work it out that by ruining a nation economically to the point where it is not able to stand on its own feet any longer is one of the easiest ways to conquer that nation without any hostile action, in a friendliest of manners; no, we are not anything but on the friendliest terms with our boss or bosses. And this is precisely what both United Kingdom and United States did with Australia under guise of privatization and corporate business; they are private companies, of course, and the whole world is offered the unification under the guise of that, not under the United States or the United Kingdom.
The crown of everything is when Centrelink, which is a private company based in the United States, is openly throwing its muscle around, probably intentionally jamming the jukeboxes of the other 18 (maybe more) countries that have succumb to the “one world” idea and agreed with the demands of the “architects” of implementing their regulations, prescribed for “united world” set-up; which are, nevertheless, incompatible with the national tradition, laws and regulations of those countries where Centrelink operates. But, we do believe that all those did not have a choice, because, with their either political or economic power or both being curbed, they have really no say; ask the “president” or “prime minister” in any of the counties where Centrelink is at work. For more, visit
In order to enslave any population the National together with all that it contains has to be removed and substituted with something similar, but vastly different all the same; here is Man substituted with a human. In the next issue of this paper I shall endeavor to explain to the reader, in the plainest language, since I am not a scholar either, the difference between Man and human, and we shall go into history, and here I shall quote one paragraph from the internationally best selling book The Secret History of the World, by Jonathan Black, page 444, published by Quercus 2008:
“In Newton’s view every part or the universe is intelligent. Even a stone is intelligent, and not just in a sense that it shows evidence of design. According to the ancient way of thinking that Newton subscribed to, it is not the case that animal, vegetable and mineral are totally distinct categories. They naturally overlap, intermingle and in special circumstances may morph one into another. As Newton’s cabalistic contemporary Lady Conway put it, ‘There are transformations from one species to another, as from stone to earth, from earth to grass, from grass to sheep from sheep to human flesh, from human flesh to the lowest species of man, and from these to noblest spirits.’”
There we are, “… from human flesh to the lowest species of man, and from these to the noblest spirits” … of Man or God.
The National contains in itself everything and there is no need for inventing warm water; the common law belongs to the National and it is bestowed upon a nation, as a body of people, to regulate people’s affairs. Since, it is bestowed upon people by God (in a form of Man), not by a human, it cannot be taken away by anybody; it can, however, be usurped by a human, but not taken, because it was not given (by a human). The term, “given”, even in a nonphysical form, as love for example, implies a physical deed and implies a human, not Man or God; by Man or God could be bestowed. Welcome to visit our web page for more information.
With the National being weak, either by becoming weak because of taking a bashings and being over leeched by vermin or by the fact that a nation was never a real one, a nation is not able to take a firm hold on life and establish institutions based in justice, which is in domain of National; it cannot make peaceful life and harmonious coexistence that it strives for of prosperity and plenty, because its all life is subject to warring competition, not to cooperation, which are all the attributes of the civil state, as opposed to that of the national state based in the National. A civil state is without any definite form or character in its essence, thus its citizenry, the public, is not defined either; the rule changed at whim of the rulers that rule by the way of power, not justice.
We have a situation now, where is nothing based in right i.e. bestowed that lasts forever; everything is based in privileges that are given, and taken away, according to the power that we have or lack. All of this lulling of ourselves, that we are a nation amounts to nothing; thus, we have no rights, just the privileges. We must know this, and, therefore, we must know how to manage our privileges in order to minimize our sufferings. If the author is living under the nose of the Centrelink, the organization he is in constant strife, then it is more than likely that he will be harassed at times, because the Centrelink will feel obliged to do things in their fashion, according to their rules that are deliberately set in the way in which they are in full command over their “customers”, regardless of anyone’s likes or dislikes.

How those rules came into the existence is described somewhere else; it may help if reader visit any of the pages at .

Therefore, in order to maintain balance of the peace, we execute our rights, regardless of the Centrelink’s like or dislike. Being aware of all of that, we do this all the time, whenever we can; but, as living in their territory, in the state’s housing premises, our chances to really break free from their oversight are slim. Therefore, it is necessary for us, and not only for us but for every single person, to stand on their own; neither will Centrelink nor will the Homeswest give any real support to anyone that is for the sake of support itself. In the next issue of that paper will be much more written about; for the sake of saying the truth in the way that is not understood, I cannot put two articles side by side. By the time the next issue hits the light of the day and public reads it, this article will be forgotten; only those who are close to me can understand this writings properly, because I emphasize to them all that what is important. In the basic public reads, there are also lines in italic and bold, but it does not mean that the reader is guided there where the rest of us are; public basic reads have their purpose only in bringing people close, not in educating … and especially not in revealing the truth to uneducated. Truth is to be protected at all costs, and the best protection for it is within and under the guise of the knowledge; when the ego speaks and reveals itself in guise of the Truth, the punishment lands onto the “proud one”. Therefore, it is reasonable to think as recommendable, for the sake of peace of mind, to have Homeswest residential address listed with Centrelink, but to live and work at some other address that is not listed with Centrelink; of course, they would say that the “customers must say to Centrelink where they live” but will not dare to go to court … because their rules are imposed unjustly, for the purpose of their ability of applying them in the moment of time, and each time brings and gradually overcomes its own ignorance. Even in this unnatural situation as being superimposed on the "public" body where the real ruler is hard to define, The Centrelink is still just an agent of the ruler, but not the actual ruler; but, by acting as being a ruler, Centrelink is making hard for Australian government, by discrediting it with the very attitude that Centrelink has towards its "customers".
Those rules that a not based in justice, as the rules of any non-national society are not constant; they change in accordance with the political wind. They may be at times based on “common law”, but that law applies only to a national society; so, all societies that are not strictly National will tend to improvise something similar in that spirit. Centrelink is in that position where it has to improvise. Therefore, it is to expect that Centrelink will again, as usually, threaten their “customers”, those whom they suspect of not totally succumbing to their rules, with the suspension of the payment; it is a kind of a joke, a real comedy, because the moment they suspend the pension they overstep the mark, which they admit with reinstating it the moment the shit hits the fan.
It is awkward to reveal all this to the public, because the public should know all this, that, for example, they (Centrelink) cannot go to court, because they lack the judicial argument, of which the public knows nothing; public is convinced that Centrelink or government are right, because of having a power, but to have power does not mean to be right. Centrelink is right only because the government will vouch for all Centrelink's mistakes, as their own, since they are made (or committed) in a joint venture with government. They are obviously not ashamed of going low, thus causing contempt for and ridiculing of their organization, but some of their staff does suffer; this author is aware of case where a Centrelink officer has resign because she could not bear it any longer. She was a very intelligent woman of modern outlook, an artist of a kind, but, as she put it, “something deep down in Centrelink’s attitude is disturbingly wrong”. If one considers all of Centrelink’s rules and regulations, it is clear that there is not a single article in several thousand of pages that is really design to help their customers.
It is impossible to say everything in one issue, but those readers who stick with us will have the opportunity to learn more about the “why the cookie crumbles”. Many real stories will be brought out here, which will be commented upon from our point of view; that is the side that is hidden from the eyes of the public. Of course, nothing unusual will be there with the stories, but the well hidden workings behind the scenes will seem incredible; this will, however, open another front each time the new issue of this paper hits the public eyes. For that reason, we urge readers of this paper to subscribe, because the paper may not be available at public outlets; on the other hand, we are on the constant search for some new address, where we can carry on with our lives unhindered. What we are after is any inexpensive property; house with a garage of granny flat that is livable or has a potential to be made into a livable state. If anyone has something to offer of that sort, please contact us.
The same is with the vehicle, internet connection and so on. All this can be traceable and to give us all a peace of mind, it is much better that those who are not supposed to know anything about it, simply live in ignorance; that is, in the same way as prescribed by them for their beloved “customers”.



A 65-year old tradesman, welder, boilermaker, machinist, would like to find a some suitable contracting work in the metal industry, preferably body-building, for fabricating of the parts. Because of the age, only contracting work will do; no hourly rates. You pay for work, not for working. Email for further information and/or arrangements.


Editor is saying this to you, Mr. and Mrs. Public

Editor's final say: This is how the writer thinks and teaches those who want to listen; more on that at some other occasion. On other things too to avoid confusion; here is not the proper place to get involved into lengthy discussion, because, after all, we have to ask author if he wants and what he permits us to publish for the general reading. So, we do not want to argue with the author; and besides, we already know well what stance he has towards public discussions. One thing I would like to emphasize, and this is that it is necessary that the reader is able to discern "author", "editor", "sponsor", "publisher" and so forth; it is similar as a product, for example, that is made in some factory in a distant place, and put the sticker on it "Made for such and such ...", adding the address of the company that ordered the product, and suppressing their own name, as makers of the product. It is a legal way to do business without attracting a stigma to the product, which at times could be detrimental to the sale of the product; it should be sufficient that the product is good for you ... so, do not worry about what your neighbor thinks. It is a pleasure to edit the stuff of TAO HU; there is not much to be edited, really, except to insert my dime, as editor, into the jukebox here and there.
Another thing that should be pointed out is that it is completely different story when the stuff is edited in presence of the author; there is still that necessary freedom there, which an editor needs to accomplish his or her “job”, plus he/she enjoys the help of the author, who is thus available to give to the material full authenticity. Thus, the material can be subjected to changes and still remain totally authentic, whereas in the cases where the author is not present, many of the material is destined for guessing. And finally, it is hard and depressing to work with public; public invites arguing, but has no face where the argument should be directed. One can argue with individual, pleasing him or offending him, but the public that is void of a nation is a kind of a faceless and/or shameless freak.

Word or two on contact, donation, sales...

I am sure that many a reader understands that com¬ment, but it is to expect some to say in their croaky voice: "What do you mean?" Paragraph before last I deliberately shortened, so that I am able to paraphrase the author in a form of editorial and say the missing words, which would sound roughly (or precisely) like that: "I created the situation where I do not depend on anyone in particular, not even on my own Self; everything is already mine, and now I am the one who has the choice between keeping what I regard as suitable, and discarding of all the rest. This choice is attributed only to me and through me. So, do not get mistaken and think that the public itself presents any value in my eyes, except that from the public I will chose those who are really worth my bothering with them.”
As for donation, it is a private affair, not public; so, if you have not yet become a private individual as yet, then do not worry. We do not want to make any person cry; and we cannot be sure that you are not of that sort, that is greedy. I enjoy this part, by telling this to all mortals. If you hit the hell, take it there, because you might be in eternal need of bribing. Yes, those mortals who are not protected by the esoteric teaching of URAN, they are doomed to eternal struggle with life; thus, the life itself, any sort of life, will mean for them a “living hell”. It does not require a genius to see logic in it. In heaven you will not need it. I really do not care if any of you, including author, agrees with me or not; I have enough experience with public. As a courtesy, I did leave all of the contacts with you, Mr. and Mrs. Public and it is up to you now to prove me wrong; I can bet my balls that it will be very difficult to do that. Except for a few, the public is worthless. Below is printed all info that is necessary for you, or anyone else for that matter, to know; so, do not ask too much and/or for too much. Nobody is asking anything from you; just an ordinary fairness will do. Also, do not assume anything, because we do not even know if you exist or not; but, if you feel that to say “hello” would be the right thing to do, we might then reply to you … without assuming anything. Finally, I am very tired and worn out by making this editorial; it is easy for the author to express his thoughts, because he is talking to himself. However, I am agonizing by the thought that my words may not be understood; talking to public is even more unrewarding than talking to the wall. The wall will not move regardless of our wailing, but the public might; and one can be sure that it will move in the stupidest direction possible. Mr. and Mrs. Public are locked themselves in that position where they will forever wonder what is happening to them; since they are uneducated, it is unavoidable.

Public domain is usually a searching ground for trouble

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Disclaimer by author

As author of the texts in this paper, I do not regard myself as being neither an intellectual nor professional; and the same are my texts, which are mainly product of my dreams induced by my thinking imposed by my dreams, reading or daydreaming, all of which I either do forget relatively quickly, or do not recall at all.
Sometimes I do write things that do not make any sense to me at the moment; later it starts to acquire some sort of shape as the thought is developing; but all the same, at times, I do not really know if it makes sense to you, but hope that it does; and it should not matter that much, since I am writing this for my own joy, for me, and reader is invited to take part in my joy, by which he or she may be moved and effected in either positive or negative way. This step the readers undertake at their own risk.
I do not offer much of a reference, just here and there when I stumble upon something that I find as really necessary to mention. I would rather that the readers read and alert me to the stuff; which, as I do understand, is not so simple matter for an average citizen, who is meant to be just a mere human, as a cannon-fodder, advanced no higher that the “lowest species of man”, as I have indicated earlier in this article. Thus, private talks on conscious level only are encouraged with those friends that are novices in my cycles. Some stuff is clearer in my head than the other, for which I do not even try to find the reason; whatever you think it may be, I do not argue.

Added for a purpose

Below is excerpt from our next issue “Article II.”, which is added for several reasons, one of which is that in the next issue we shall mention things that, combined with the subject matter, could have undesirable effect, which, of course, we would like to avoid. This excerpt was intended as a promotional copy, and some copies of it are already in circulation; so it is now just there where its right place is. It is a bit odd, like the rest of our stuff is, but, we hope that you will like it. Those two articles that are missing there, as indicat¬ed, may not be included with this copy. – Editor.

Eternally Modern Humans

(Meant to be a part of Article 2, as promotional copy)
Many are out there, as they always were, asking themselves what is happening today, especially with the Young. This question was eternally asked; it is an eternal one. There have always been modern times; but, because every generation tends to start its own epoch in its own time, so, a few generations down the track and our epoch may become covered with the dust of history, very thickly indeed … especially if the generations that follow, like those that come after our one, have little or no inclination to recall it. Our epoch is really rich with shame those generations that follow will be all too ready to wipe from their memories; they will decide what is worth their memory, as it happens all the time in history of humankind.
URAN, as said earlier in this paper, has established Man, nation and law in Church of Man through His archangel Arvath, the only church on Earth for humans; and all this has happened without asking you or anyone else for permission. Other churches sprang from Man’s desire to please Him and to find again His law that got lost while fighting with life; lost in disbelief ... as today. More on that can be found and read in issue No. 1 (which is this one) or on the web pages and/or The Church of Man has a meaning of a sacred home of that noble individual that is on his/her way to overcome human hood and shall become Man, again. These unique writings of NUCLEUS or URAN, TAO-HU shall present readers with one original thought of URAN at the time that is prepared for public reading; if the reader reads all of our material, that is issued for public reading, then, in that case, it is really not necessary for any normal individual to attend our seminars or ask any further questions on the matter; such individual is welcome to our Abode. If there happen to be more than just one answer to your many questions, keep it for yourself and be happy. Take it as a bonus that unexpectedly has come your way; in the absence of Abode discuss it with yourself, because the others may find you odd.
Being eternally born anew, similarly like a child from its parents, modern and thus contemporary, a science of any of the times or epochs, tries hard on its own “discovering” of what is already discovered, and rediscovered many times over; like a child, it begins to live its own life, which is often a separate and very different one, from the one of its parents. Thus, it relies heavily on intelligence of its own that is needed in discovering its own truths in its own epoch and in its own lifecycle, detached from the whole. Therefore, it is imperative to it, to have its own intelligence developed as strong as possible, because it (the intelligence) is the only means to prove its (scientific) truths as correct, regardless of the pricetag, be it at any and every cost. This resulted in a predictable situation where the natural balance between intelligence and knowledge is greatly disturbed these days, or any of the “modern” days for that matter; the Young in its denial of the Old has lost the contact with its origin in ancient truth. Thus the situation has developed that has a devastating effect on the individuals with a great deal of intelligence, who, for some reason or another, are lacking the knowledge and thus are not able to hold their own intelligence under control or to put it into a proper use. This is intelligence of their own and is knowledge in the making, thus resembling a human in becoming Man; unlike the ancient knowledge, which is constant, this one is forever changing. Whereas the Old could help the Young with a concrete advice on the matters of knowledge, it is really hard to advise the Young on the matter of intelligence, because this intelligence is new, it is of their own, of the Young; it belongs exclusively to them. Since the knowledge is omnipresent, it can be easily shared and retain fully; intelligence that belongs to one generation cannot be shared with any other nor can it be taught, but experienced through its consequences.
The fall of Man marks the beginning of time, epochs and cycles; ever since, the time has always been old, modern and/or contemporary in its own frame. Since time immemorial (that time I have just mentioned), there has always been seekers after the lost truth; lost in the Unconscious, in the deepest depths of Man. The search for Truth is a quest for Man; there is no treasure worth more than to find Man in the universe of one’s own Self. In that eternal search for his own self, a human being, in his higher state of being, as Man, has stumbled upon many discoveries that helped him in his eternal search for the supreme truth; the use of psychedelic drugs was one of the many discoveries. The proper use of the drugs includes a very special procedure and ritual, used by shamans of all ages and epochs, is kept secret; thus the Young of all ages is just indulging in a use of drugs, and that itself cannot help the Young to find their own self, but instead can bring to them mental and/or physical harm. Many got so lost in drugs that they do not want find anything. This intelligence is so precious to every person in this world that this kind of “discovery” would never be publicly revealed. The other way to find one own self is just around the corner, in the opposite direction, through total soberness; pumped with drugs, even with proper ritual, a person can never be sure what has been discovered, so, many end up in mental clinics as result of their searching.

[Letter to a govt. agency is left out of this copy.]

This letter is left out for a reason; the letter itself dealt with a subject that, except for a short part of it, bears very little relevance to this article. It shall be extended and included with some other stuff. The mentioning of it is in order, but not commenting at this stage.
There is plenty that could be added to this letter; since the author did not want to bore those officials with the his opinions that may by them be considered as too far fetched, we shall all this present here, for everyone to have free access including the government officials. All our stuff comes to our reader without any obligation or force; one can read or not to read at one’s own time or leisure, for free. Be free and let others to be the same, including us. If this is the first time that you come in contact with our stuff, then be aware that the fairness is the basis upon which we can communicate; you owe us nothing and we are not obligated to you in any way, as you are not our member as yet. What is more, we do not want you to donate anything to us, towards our cause, especially if you do not know what our cause really is; and if we do not explain it properly here, there may be a reason for it, which is not to be judged by anyone. Besides, the reasons may, or may not, contain but the cynical truth only, which is the everyday truth for everyday mortals; yes, we do talk different truths to different persons, but, remember, we do not argue. It is not wise to discuss this matter with anyone; because if you do, you just open yourself to judgment of the others without getting any wiser about the matter. Ultimately, we create Man, and only if the person is to our likening and becomes one with us, we imbue Him with the Truth.


We are sure that you are itching to know more about our interpretation of the “cynical truth”; and here is how it looks from our angle. It is the truth, however, that is impossible to prove or disprove, thus affecting those who search for the new truths in the realm of the Conscious, with their intelligence and are not sure or knowledgeable of its origin or existence; it is void of both scientific proof and religious dogma, oscillating between them at the same time, all the time. The real truth resides and is to be search and found in the realm of the Unconscious. But, since it is hard to determine the exact division that separates these spheres and, since there may not be a clear or definite division between the spheres (especially in a case of a novice in that field), the real truth to find is, for many, an impossibility. To find the real truth means to become Man; the same Man that URAN established on this planet Earth in a form of a nation. In an earlier text, about 1978 or 1979, I remember myself writing that “Nothing is impossible to or for Man, but to become Man is impossible to or for many (of modern humans)”. I do not place an indefinite article in front of “Man”, because He is not the one that could be compared; Man is unique unto Himself. Not many where around that could understand and appreciate this at the time; however, this is the very standpoint that we cannot circumvent; the way to paradise leads through one’s own self, through Man. So, I was a mystic then; as for today, I hope the times have changed. Even if I am still a mystic, today I can take it, and carry it, easier.


[The transfer to the age pension is left out of this copy.]

Since the space in this copy is exhausted and leave as just with enough space to wrap up neatly this copy, this above mentioned article shall appear in the next issue of this magazine; actually, the article itself is not written yet, because we wait for the whole thing to conclude. To write it before that time would not be good. Only that much on the subject, for now, will do.


AUTHOR of this project is a 65-year-old pensioner, who has very hard time in dealing with Centrelink, which is described on our web for anyone interested to see. His old age pension is, as it seem, not a certainty for the old veteran; some say that one should not fight the government … but if the government is to be kept in good nick, then someone must do something about; otherwise, it will soon become so corrupt that no person will be able to do anything about. And they plunder their "customer" heavily each fortnight; "Centrelink owes me plenty, but they do not want to go to court with me to clear the matter, just their tribunals, of course." The original idea about establishing this newsletter is not new; it has started to circulate few years ago. But, then it stopped and everything ended with the website. In the mean time, the things have deteriorated; we have had plenty on our plate at the time and things with Centrelink have become really nasty. Since the Centrelink is trying hard to force a person in need to abandon his or her dignity and become a beggar (every pensioner is aware of Centrelink’s tactics), this particular person, who is in warfare with them for a long time, who was under surveillance by Centrelink (and probably still is)… even though being on invalid pension for long time, he is trying to find his way back to the workforce, as an alternative survival (maybe is someone out there who could find him useful in some way); this newsletter is just an attempt of survival independently of the pension that is used as blackmail by Centrelink. Centrelink is cutting off the pension to this person all the time; some “lawful” excuse they will always find as pretext and it is always “short” when they restore it. This is one of the methods how they make their profit, I gather. They have become so arrogant that even a “sorry” is not offered any more. It is very humiliating experience to deal with them; the fact, of which people do not usually talk. More is said somewhere else, where it can be said. Centrelink had this man under surveillance, and once the eyes are on they stay on for good.


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Thank you for reading this paper; I hope, which is an understatement, I am sure that you understand the stuff so clearly in fact that it leaves you with no option but to long for another one like this, and you will secure the next issue in way of ordering it, instead of hoping to find it at the news agent. I have just heard that few days prior my returning from overseas, the public protests were staged in Perth and that there was signing of a petition against new legislation that provides for the censoring of the Internet. I am here not commenting on this matter, but would like to point out that there is possibility that this material of mine will not appear on the net; may websites may be blocked and in the shops the vendors may be ordered to refuse my stuff to hit their shelves. Having all this in mind, it makes sense to subscribe and get the material through the post. Nothing to do with "return of my paranoia", but just to be cautious and on the safe side.
Now, if you are one of the ordinary morons that just accidentally stumbled upon these pages, then it is hard to predict your action; as a moron you would tend to disregard all of that, because either the bulb is faulty and you never find the time to change it, or there are none available on the shelves, or power station is always down in that region; but still, this stuff will never leave you in peace, and you just might appear one day, of course, too late, as usual, but still, you are welcome. But, as I suspect you to be a kind of a person that is interest in reading, if for no other reason then just for interplay of the letters; I am sure that you will seek and find the way to see the next issue. It is that urge in you that we shall instill now; it is that same urge that should be there from the time immemorial, but has left you, causing emptiness in your soul that has to be filled. And because these words are not ordinary every day words, they will create that necessary turmoil in you and urge for this sort of medicine for your soul.
Once we notice you as one who understands and is keen on this material we will make everything we can that you get that material. Help us, so that we can help you not to succumb, but stand for your rights; not for your “human rights”, as you have been taught by some in order that they have power over you. But to have the rights of Man, one must become Man. It is nothing but a natural process for a human to strive to, and become Man or God; but the intelligence that human is bestowed with by his maker, Man or God, is making a human to resist his own nature to the point of impossibility. If and when prematurely attaining his freedom through brute force, led by intelligence, which is universal and mightily superior to the rudimentary thought of a human, very strange and awesome for a being of low intellectual development and capacity; human has found himself alone in a strange new world to his own devices, which, in the cause of time, has brought onto him and let him at mercy of demonic forces caused by his own workings. Intelligence persuades its carrier that it has him as a carrier at heart, in order to succumb to it, and, using the body of the carrier latches onto the body containing a higher form of life, as for example Man and nation, leaching on them, thus making a human being a mere vermin. To become a vermin is easy and there is practically very little room for maneuver; a person must know the source of his or her own intelligence.
Man seeks the means to progress towards his natural destination; to destiny that will make him “at home”, happy. His aim is to find God, as he is already free man, whereas for human is to find a man, as his master and mentor; and from there, now as a man (of the lower species), he will aspire to become Man. And from there to God; He is already there, just He is either punishing Himself for something or has decided to help others. As for the rudimentary human being, it is meant to be a “cannon-fodder”, at service to humanity; human is not able to keep his or her intelligence in check, because this is the same intelligence that keeps human possessed. That same intelligence, which is in all of creation, gives it self up onto the human, but it bestows itself in a way that human is always entrapped; by the first trying to reach a freedom, the human is ending in deeper slavery. Intelligence works in intelligent way; it shows you first the way that is not good for you. In this way gives you the chance to get the necessary experience needed for your liberation; but since it does not know the Truth, it cannot give you the necessary advice. Advanced creation only is able to take over that intelligence.


Texts in this booklet are not in that order as you might know it as normal; though, it maybe is in some sort of order, not standard as yet. In order to understand URAN, readers must change their mode of thinking, which is precisely we are working on.


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