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Since we value our readers, all your gifts we receive with appreciation and at the same time that very act of giving will make you richer; only rich can really give. Being rich but mean is worse than plain being poor: real riches are in generosity, and if a person is on the mean side, then he/she cannot afford to be generous. Thus, generosity is out of their reach. All the same, do not take us for beggars because beggars we are not; buggers then? Anyway, we are here expressing a thought and it is entirely up to you to choose the appropriate response to it. Although involved with poverty and destitution of the world around us, and thus affected by their effects, we are not demoralized by it or inspired by it in a negative way, but rather shall use the given situation to demonstrate the real power of our Word and that of our prayers and thoughts directed to the Providence.

Upon receipt of your donation, our most sincere prayers for your personal health and wellbeing being and success in all of your business and/or financial dealings, as well as in your intimate and private affairs, shall be directed to the Providence, to reward you very richly, by giving back to you many times over the amount of your donation. In addition, for any donation worth over $10,000 (ten thousand dollars), we shall hold a special ceremony that is involving the presence of our Patron, on your behalf. In case of your having a property, or business, but have no one that you love or trust to be worth enough to inherit it or entrust with it, we will gladly take care of it; we shall be honouring your Last Will and Testament, and in addition, we shall say prayers for your soul. So, think about. It may be a good idea to transfer it to our sponsor: HRVAT Pty Ltd.

The world itself is a wonderful place and it all depends where one at a particular moment is in this world: if one is with us then that person enjoys our view, not everyone can or is supposed to be with us. There must be some kind of balance; in a person as well as in the world, and the universe as the whole. As a person you may become worried if you find yourself in a state of ecstasy at all times; the same is if you are in state of sadness and depression all the time. Real happiness you may consider somewhere in between. So is with world in which we live. It is by your choice, or by lack of it, that you are, or you are not, living in the world of your desire. Many acquire wealth that they are not able to handle; usually they desire even more, and it is that desire that makes them poor, not the wealth, which they have or have not. The real riches are there, where no presence of desire is; where person’s worldly desires are fulfilled.

It was not so long ago that I felt discontented with my situation, where being a poor and helpless pensioner was at the mercy of some officials that may or may not understand my situation. I was not aware about my situation, as I know it today; still being pensioner nothing seem to change outwardly, but within I feel the fullness of life, and know that I am in any and every aspect richer than those who are giving me my pension so reluctantly. They have nothing of their own that they could really give, since apparently everything is at the expense of the wretched taxpayers. Of course, it made me unhappy: being a problem to both of them, the governmental officials and to the taxpayers, now at the age when I am not physically able to fetch for myself I felt both sad and furious; thus, change of the pension system is just one additional task on the agenda. Pensioners should have secured future, independent of any other group, with the same rule applicable to every group of any and every society.

I used to rebel but gradually my vision cleared up and I do see now the whole situation from different angles and am even able to laugh: it is because I am here now at the right place, and at the right time; it is where is my place, where I am destined and designed to be. Here I am home, not misplaced, as a refugee would be. The opportunity to join us and share the goodies of the world shall be given to many, to every of you who read this, but only those predestined for it will feel free to take it up, not everyone neither has capacity nor is designed to do so. There must be some balance in the world too; so, do not feel bad if you do not feel inclined to joining us at this stage. Take your time, and maybe later, when you see the change in the world around you, you might feel inclined to join and see for yourself what all is about.

Big changes are in front of us, changes that will be so overwhelmingly magnificent, of which not everyone will be able to grasp their significance and thus many will be taken aback by surprise that may not be pleasant one for everyone. For us however, because we do understand them, and because we can influence them in some way, we will see that all our friends are pleasantly surprised at all times. Knowledge shared will set our people in front, automatically, as to provide a healthy balance to the world in which we all live together; someone must be at the front and some at the back, left and right, or on the right side or on the wrong one etc. Whatever here written is for public domain, and is just a “tip of an iceberg” of the real knowledge, which cannot be seen by naked eye or comprehended by mundane intelligence.

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Zapis VI.: AIG (American International Group)

Here is a bit of news: “Yahoo, 20 March 2009, which I shall comment and comment only, reserving my own opinion. Again, I am neither justifying the action nor condemning it! I am not going to elaborate the matter in fine detail, because it would be letting the cat out of the bag, i.e. revealing a modus operandi that is regarded top secret revealed to the most eminent people only. However, I do organize seminars where selected people can learn the intrinsic working of the mechanisms.

WASHINGTON – Denouncing a "squandering of the people's money," lawmakers voted decisively Thursday to impose a 90 percent tax on millions of dollars in employee bonuses paid by troubled insurance giant AIG and other bailed-out companies. The House vote was 328-93. Similar legislation has been introduced in the Senate and President Barack Obama quickly signaled general support for the concept.

And so on, the news item is full of praise for the action of the Senate. They made me really laugh, simply because they do not know what they actually did. I am pretty sure that some of the lawmakers in the Senate of the United States of America know exactly where their country did come to, due to laws that were gradually introduced into their society and cannot be changed over night, i.e. that by mixing the national and corporate principles on de facto basis, their lawful basis has been undermined and rendered not only obsolete, but invalid, i.e. illegal. Everybody knows that US is ruled by corporations, not by people; what they do not know is, by whom exactly, who rules these corporations. The paper takes everything and there are many who would not mind to sign a piece of paper and become CEO or company director.

If a company would show any of its real business to outsiders, including government of the country or the lawmakers or anyone else … than that company would be acting in a childish manner and regarded as kindergarten rather than the company; it would never reach adulthood and become big, let alone so big that is unable to fall. AIG was certainly not one of those kindergarten companies that anybody, including government of USA can check or control; it was bigger than the US government could manage or put checks on it. When AIG got into trouble, it was actually USA that found itself in trouble; AIG did not beg for assistance, but that was US government that rushed in to help, realizing that US is at stake. By imposing this punishment tax of 90% to AIG employees’ bonuses, the US government have actually shot their own leg, because, if for no other purpose, just to be consistent, everyone in the USA should be now taxed 90%; but there is more to it.

All US corporations, involved in the world wide plunder, had been doing the business for the United Stated of America and under physical protection of the USA; and the scope of the business is unthinkable for an ordinary mortal. AIG was destined to come into the hot water earlier or later, and for that reason AIG employed the top brains to work out strategies to finish the whole operation, and for that reason are those people being paid, not for some ordinary business, but to work out schemes that will also get them out of the hot water as well. Now, they are being betrayed and will not be inclined to work further on the scheme to bail the USA out of the mess (unless the government makes or has made secret arrangements with them); maybe US government has different agenda with drugs in Afghanistan, one cannot know for sure.

Bruno HRUST.

P.S.: Should you after this article feel inclined to donate some cash towards my work or to secure a place at private lesson, contact me for details at the above address.
Added from "alt.a.a.politics" -- AIG
BHRUST wrote:> Here is a bit of news: "Yahoo, 20 March 2009, which I shall comment and> comment only, reserving my own opinion. Again, I am neither justifying the> action nor condemning it! I am not going to elaborate the matter in fine> detail, because it would be letting the cat out of the bag, i.e. revealing a> modus operandi that is regarded top secret revealed to the most eminent> people only. However, I do organize seminars where selected people can learn> the intrinsic working of the mechanisms.> > one: a comment IS an opinion, whether supported by fact or authors'rationale stemming from a mixture of his philosophy, politics andreaction to current events.second: my own comment is that yours does not go far enough- that AIG issymptomatic of, and a mere reflection of, what has happenned to the UScurrency in the span of decades, and what that means to the rest of theworld which lends and borrows from the US.When the US currency, which began as an asset- based currency, became acurrency pegged on debt, every dollar printed became an IOU cheque fromthe US Government- an IOU which the US never intends to repay!With this borrowed money which the US "Treasury" prints, the USGovernment generously lends to corporations, banks etc. which use it ascapital to lend or invest in other corporations, etc., so at the top youhave white collar executives who know that "money" has no value, andplay around with figures that have no real value except as an integer ona ledger or on software- literally they are just figures representingsums so large that no bank will ever actually see it.At the bottom you have the blue collar working joe who dumbly takes thedollar at face value, and all he knows is that his paycheque is buyingless than it used to (diminishing returns and all that).He thinks it has to do with taxation, not knowing about borrowedprinciple and interest rates, the effects on cogs (cost of goods sold)....the world economies, as long as they remain supporters of the US Dollar,will see a downward spiral. What is needed for the rest of the worldthen, is to cut their losses and recognise that the US will never repayits debts.Essentially this will mean that the US Nation becomes a mortgage, readyto be bought out by any nation with a strong enough economy to do so,thereby nullifying the US and its debts, and any promissary notes whichit printed (i.e. US currency)....and of course that would mean that thepeople of the US will have a new leader, and their old dollar will betraded only at its real value (a negative integer, i suspect) ratherthan its inflated value it does currently- effectively every former UScitizen will have a net worth of zero, rather than a negative sum(currently a person's net worth is calculated in terms of how many USDthe government owes that person- a sum which has no actual value,because their currency is pegged on debt).take me back to the old days of kings and queens, when all the moneythey had, was the gold in their coffers- and when it was spent, that wasit. No usury- and the Jewish practice of money lending was strictlyforbade in accordance with the Magna Carta.

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Zapis V.: JEZIK

Zapis V.: JEZIK.

Trošeći višak vremena kopao sam po novostima i iz čiste znatiželje uvukao i stranicu hr.rec.lokanje i našao Vaš post sa linkom. Letimično sam pogledao (što ne znači da neću pročitati i do kraja i vjerojatno još koji put) neke tekstove sa Hrvatum-a 94 i mogu reći samo da mi se jako svidjaju i tema i način.
Još danas ćemo piti i u Vaše zdravlje, odsutra počinje Korizma.

Bog s Vama.

Niže je moj odgovor na gornji email, kojega pretvaram u Zapis V.

Malo nas je brojčano ali zato, možda baš zbog toga, imamo puninu kakvoće (tj. kvalitete). Vidim da ste Hrvat iz srca, jer kako i sami velite samo ste letimično pročitali tekstove i isti su vam se dopali; to mi govori da srcem pripadate hrvatstvu a ne s predumišljajem, tj. intelektom. Intelekt ima sposobnost uskladjivanja i adaptacije, te, stoga, ne mora biti uvijek u skladu s istinom, dok srce govori istinu. Srce se temelji na savjesti te je stoga osjetljivo na posljedice, dok intelekt pronalazi razloge za ublaživanje tih posljedica; neki put niti intelekt nije sposoban ublažiti grižnju savjesti, pa individua posegne za nekom vrstom opojnog sredstva. Ja sam svijestan činjenice da ne posjedujem literalne sposobnosti jednog Budaka, Krleže ili Ujevića, te bijući samo bravar i varioc, nisam u stanju zadovoljiti intelektualno-umjetničku stranu, te se i ne trudim toliko oko novačenja intelektualaca, iako im izražavam dobrodošlicu, jer takvi će nam uvijek biti potrebni, iako znam da će isti biti kamen spoticanja hrvatstvu, koje je stvar srca a ne intelekta; moj cilj je oživiti hrvatstvo u hrvatskom pučanstvu, što će ujedno dati i novu dimenziju hrvatskoj inteligenciji.

U zapisima “Hrvatum94” je reklamirana knjiga s istim naslovom, koja je spremljena svibnja 1994, a koju ću, s Božjom pomoći, tiskati uskoro; svi Hrvati, imati će posebne povlastice baš u svemu (isto kao što danas imaju svi oni koji su protiv hrvatstva i vrijeme je okrenuti ploču na drugu stranu), te je dobro uspostaviti i njegovati kontakte. Isto tako moram reći da će u ovoj seriji zapisa, “Hrvatum94”, izlaziti članci i na engleskom koje ću prevesti na hrvatski za sve one Hrvate, i samo za te Hrvate, kod kojih je interes zbilja jak te držim da je dobro da ti ljudi budu temeljito informirani.

Pošto držim da je jakost antihrvatstva isključivo u slabosti organiziranosti hrvatstva, sada mi je prvo raditi na tome da se hrvatstvo izkaže kao organizacija; iako je jakost svake individue najizrazitija u jedinstvenosti kojoj je cilj u jedinki, ljudi se boje biti sami (čovjek je najjači kad je sam i mnoga individua se ne boji nikoga osim sebe). To je zato jer je narod zbunjen i preplašen; ljudi ne znaju što bi sad na primjer ovo hrvatstvo, kojeg navještavam, trebalo značiti. Ljudi ne znaju, jer je to potisnuto u zaborav; onaj najstariji, vjekovni poriv individue, žudnja za izgubljenim snom, nakon budjenja u paklu, težnja za svojim bližnjim… Ja ne izmišljam toplu vodu nego vadim pred ljude ono što je u njima, te što će uvijek u njima biti, ma kako oni to nastojali gurnuti u zapećak i zaboraviti.

Kraj emaila

Ovaj moj email ovom prijatelju predstavljam javnosti iz nekoliko razloga; pažljivom čitatelju neće promaći da je moj hrvatski nešto drukčiji od onog kojeg obično rabim pri oslovljavanju pučanstva na “hr.” usenetu. To je zato, jer se obraćam osobi za koju mi srce govori da je u srcu Hrvat i moj odnos je ovdje privatne naravi; ja sada komuniciram sa svojim čovjekom, dok se na “hr.” usenetu obraćam javnosti, narodu koji možda jeste moj a možda to i nije. Isti taj narod mi je prije petnaestak godina slao viruse, a isto tako me je efektivno skinuo s interneta; admin iinet-a, Krištofić, ih je poslušao. I kada sve to uzmemo u obzir, onda je normalno da je to samo jedan od načina na koji se obraćam onima koje ne poznam dovoljno, a da bi stvarno otvorio svoje srce, rekavši tako nešto što nije za njih.

Iako je jezik jedan, koji može i ne mora biti definiran strogo određenim pravopisom i/ili pravilima, načina za izražavanje na istom ima više; ako uzmemo u obzir i množtvo narječja, onda je stvar još šarenija. A kada još dodam da je hrvatski jezik daleko stariji od Sanscrit jezika, ili bilo kojeg drugog jezika, te datira od prije početka vremena i čovječanstva obćenito, onda je to za mnoge daleko više nego li su u stanju prožvakati. U knjizi “HRVATUM 94” sam opisao porijeklo Hrvata, od anđela Hrvat (engleski Arvath), a planeta Uran nam daje duhovno-tjelesnu ravnotežu u ovozemaljskim dimenzijama stvarnosti, gdje je sve o nama već zablježeno davno prije nego li smo postali toga svijestni. Rado bih skrenuo pozornost na konekciju planete Uran s Hrvatom, i to iz posve astronomskog stajališta; ako se udubimo u taj odnos, vidjeti ćemo da Uran u zadnjih sedam ili osam stoljeća djeluje nekako “izgubljeno”. To nije slučajno nego se radi o reakciji planete pri nastojanjima očuvanja opće ravnoteže našeg sunčevog sustava, a sa ovozemaljskom ravnotežom je ista stvar: vjerovali ili ne, dokle god se odnos Uran – Hrvat ne povrati u svoju ravnotežu savršenosti, mira na zemlji ne može biti, te što je hrvatstvo slabije to će se to stanje izražavati na neuravnoteženosti i nestabilnosti Urana. Ta veza je jasno izražena u trenutku kada je Bog postao roditeljem i izustio riječ: “HU”, o čemu sam govorio u knjizi “HRVATUM 94”. Misli: HU, možda bi se moglo raditi o vezi Hrvat – Uran?

Kao što spomenuh već negdje, svaki pisac ima svoj vlastiti način izražavanja, te je upravo po svojem specifičnom izražaju poznat i/ili prepoznatljiv, voljen ili omražen. Stoga, ovaj moj hrvatski kojim se služim u javnosti je možebitno i diskutabilan, ali nije niti može biti “nepravilan” samo radi toga jer se je netko dosjetio da bi hrvatski trebao biti baziran na načelu “piši kako govoriš, a govori kako piše”, jer bi se lahko moglo dogoditi da od hrvatskog postane fufljavski, pošto je mnogo, i previše, fufljavaca u hrvatskom etnikumu: “bil sam unaj, pak sam bil uvaj, pak ondek sem upet unaj … pak, sem se sav z’vuzlal”. Koliko je meni poznato, za sve jezike je isto načelo: piši onako kako se piše, a govori onako kako se govori! Ovo ne pišem kao neki profesionalni pisac ili iztražitelj, jer me nitko ne plaća; to ti je za badava, pa možda I ne valja jer je za badava. Pišem ti u svojstvu umirovljenog bravara/varioca, koji se bori za život … (drugiput više).

Zato se je potrebno potruditi naučiti jedan jezik; bezbroj puta mi pogrješke (ili greške ako hoćete) zapnu za oko, ali mi ne pada na pamet kritizirati iste a na račun teme; jer jezikom opisivamo temu a moja tematika nije o jeziku nego, konkretno u ovom slučaju, o Nacionalnom, gledajući obćenito, ili specifično o Nacionalnom u Hrvata, o hrvatstvu. Jedino ako nisam u stanju utvrditi smisao izkaza ću tražiti od pisca dodatno objašnjenje. Ako je izkaz jasan onda, ne samo da nije inteligentno nego je arogantno i nekulturno stavljati u pitanje sam način izjašnjavanja. Tu leže razlozi nevoljkosti jednog pisca za izjašnjavanje na jednom jeziku, kao na primjer na hrvatskom, znajući već unaprijed da će biti kritiziran: ne autorovo djelo, jer isto neće biti shvaćeno, jer rugatelji ne čitaju da bi mogli znati o čemu je riječ, već sam autor, o kojem isto tako ne znaju ništa ili samo onoliko koliko im autor servira.

Takav jedan nadasve negativan odnos prema pisanoj riječi je uzrok našeg padanja žrtvom tuđinskom utjecaju, jer za onog koji ne zna čitati ili pak nema vremena za čitanje, suditi će po reakcijama okoline; tako će razsuđivati da tvoj, pošto je stalno kritiziran po svojim ljudima, vjerovatno nije dobar a onaj tuđi, koji nije kritiziran, je automatski dobar … što i jeste, samo za sebe i za svoje, ali ne mora biti za tebe i za tvoje. Nažalost, isti posluži narodu kao jedan svjetli primjer i idol; primjera u povijesti ima i previše. Upravo je takav stav prema svojem vlastitom i glavnim razlogom da se svijet, koji se je rodio i stvoren je po jednom specifičnom Narodu (u smislu nacije), razvija izvan domene istog tog Naroda kojem pripada tjelesno i duhovno; to je zato jer je taj Narod zapustio Nacionalno u sebi i time se je izgubio – u narodu. To je glavni razlog za “zaostalost” Hrvata u svemu, osim možda u športu; u svemu se trudi slijediti tuđi svijet i biti “dobar” nadmetljivac među nametljivcima. Biti dobar “nadmetljivac” znači biti jeftin (competitive or cheap), među nametljivcima, odnosno arogantnim “igračima”, koji su, kako se je mnogo puta dokazalo samo privid igrača, dok se radi o običnim prevarantima I nametljivcima.

Tako je od nacije nastao pleb, a istom formulom, okrećući je u svoju korist, služili su se, i služe se plebejci pri preobraženju u naciju, podređujući nacije na putu prema vlastitoj propasti svojoj dominaciji, uzurpirajući vrhovništvo iste preko imena iste, pri čemu će ista biti podređena postupnoj promjeni identiteta. Upravo je to ono što se događa s Hrvatskim Narodom minulih deset stoljeća, a naročito nakon pogibije Petra Svačića na Mohačkom polju, za kojeg se je tvrdilo da je zadnji kralj hrvatske krvi: namjerno se je prešućivalo bosansku stranu hrvatskog kraljevstva, kako bi se osakatilo samo hrvatstvo i pretvorilo Hrvatski Narod, kao naciju, u obično pučanstvo, u pleb; zato se je namjerno tu prešućivalo praiskonsko porijeklo Hrvata. Mislim da nije potrebno naglašavati od koje strane je vjetar puhao onda i puše dan-danas; predatora je više i svi gledaju iskoristiti slabosti u Hrvaima glede hrvatstva.

O postanku čovjeka je pisano dosta toga, naročito na engleskom i arabskom, i tu je sve prilično jasno, te sam se i ja koristio pretežito tim izvorima u svojim iztraživanjima. Pošto se tu ne opisiva Engleze ili Arabe kao kreatore, nego jedan posve drugi njima neznatan* narod, malo je tu prostora potrošeno na taj narod; ipak, dovoljno da se zna o kojem je tu Čovjeku ili Narodu govora. No, kako je taj Narod padao u navažnost tako je sve manje i manje bilo pisano o istom, a kada je i bilo nešto zapisano, onda je to bilo gledano iz perspektive suvremenosti; normalno je da je povijest pisana po pobjednicima, a pošto smo mi uvijek nekako na krivoj strani, na strani gubitnika, nas Hrvate povijest spominje adekvatno s našim uspjesima ili neuspjesima. Ista je stvar s nama kao i sa Škotima; herojstva tu ne nedostaje, nego nema sloge ni organizacije. E, samo kada bi nas netko drugi organizirao; i Napoleon je znao hvaliti Hrvate, a isto tako i mnogi drugi veliki ljudi su nas znali hvaliti, samo mi, Hrvati, nismo u stanju razpoznati vlastite vrijednosti. Da paradoks bude veći, mnogi narodi su podpuno svijestni našeg porijekla i veličine, te nam zavide na tomu, a što ih još više nervira; jer oni, kao običam pleb, imaju više znanja o svemu, nego Hrvati, koji su izvorna nacija i kao takvi su utemeljiteljem mnogih drugih nacija.

*”Neznatan narod” je ovdje kao već bezznačajan pleb u nastajanju, a ne kao “nepoznat Narod”; uvijek nasojim lučiti naciju od pleba kada rabim hrvatski termin Narod ili narod.

I na kraju ovog zapisa je nekoliko blježaka s useneta, s glavnom od Sir Salman Rushdie-a, notornog arabskog izdajice, koji je u absentiji osudjen na smrt u nekim arabskim državama. Posebno sam počašćen njegovim uvredljivim tonom prema mojoj osobi; isto kao i od nekih korisnika “hr.” useneta iz Republike Hrvatske. Izdajica ovaj ili onaj, svi su isti, svi su jadnici kojih mi je nekako i žao, jer vidim da su gubitnici. Ipak, čitajte i sudite sami:

Reply to group by Sir Salman Rushdie 1/3/2009 4:59 am (alt.arabic.politics)

BBruno,You're a piece of shit - just like the rest of the fucking Croats.How many shit-eating Croats served in the SS? How many were guards at the camps?You quote the Protocols? Even a half-witted inbred cunt like you must realise that they are confirmed forgeries.Just a shame that the Serbs (an honest and decent people) didn't wipe you off the face off the Earth."Bbruno HRUST" <> wrote in message> My contribution to National Tradition>> ( )>> ( also: )>>>

Bruno odgovara Rushdie-u:

My dearest “Sir”, Salman Rushdie,

I am delighted and feel especially honoured by the contents of your reply; it simply shows reaction of a doomed traitor of his Arab nation, who was knighted for his most foul deed. Personally I did not read your foul work, “The Satanic Verses”, and will not; and in case I did, I would place comment regarding your work, not your person. The whole Arab world would like you to perish and all those who initiated war against Islam are protecting you; in a few years from now, the Truth shall prevail and I it is my wish that you witness it, and repent your treason.

If you would, by any awful chance, praise my writing I would feel most terribly ashamed and uncomfortable; so, thank you once again. Please, do not feel discouraged and write more, but please read what is written first: there is not mention about Croat or Serbs or SS, but the Truth, that is not applicable to Jews only (Gypsies are in the same basket, but a not a problem because they constitute no security threat to any nation); Jews, with their Messiah missed are the worry, especially Israel. Read and then comment.

Article that you missed to read and talk instead about my person is included:
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Rushdie replies:"Bruno HRUST" <> wrote in message> My dearest "Sir", Salman Rushdie,>>>> I am delighted and feel especially honoured by the contents of your reply; > it simply shows reaction of a doomed traitor of his Arab nation, who was > knighted for his most foul deed. Personally I did not read your foul work, > "The Satanic Verses", and will not; and in case I did, I would place > comment regarding your work, not your person.You just called it 'foul'. How could you know that if you didn't read it?

Bruno replies:

Yes, my “Sir”, Salman Rushdie, I just called it foul, thus trying not to condemn you for something you did being actually not aware of your deed: it is not that much the Allah in heaven that is insulted beyond words, but that Allah in you that finds hard to come to terms with your deed; but that Allah in heaven has directed you to do something that shall make you repent and lead to your redemption.

Great Allah has, through prophet Mohamed, made you free, as individual and a nation; this spiritual freedom was expressed through will and determination to fight, to the bitter end if necessary, to achieve physical freedom and place where one is able to express due gratitude to Allah for all that man has, or is striving to achieve. This is what you failed to recognize, as many other people did as well. So, you are not alone who failed on that.

But Satan, that every one of us carries in our egos and fights with bigger or lesser success, has, through your intellect, made you write that book, which outraged the whole Islamic and Muslim world, the book that can be later used for actual physical war against the world that you are part of, the world that you belong even as a traitor; the stigma is there not because of hatred towards you, but because of love towards you and hatred towards your deed. Heavenly Allah still loves you, but that Allah in you is confused.

Salman, by now you have realized that you have sold yourself too cheaply, so I urge you to denounce publicly your knighthood and apologize publicly for the writing of the book, “Satanic Verses”; by doing that you will show that courage that you need to have to be a real man. If you do that, you shall acquire many friends, you will please Allah in heaven as well as Allah in yourself. You shall please me too with that act of apology and courage. If you do this, I shall stand up for you and protect you.

Rushdie again:
"Sir Salman Rushdie" <> wrote in message news:49ac044a$0$3174$
> > "Bruno HRUST" <> wrote in message >>> Yes, my "Sir", Salam Rushdie, I just called it foul, thus trying not to >> condemn you for something you did being actually not aware of your deed: >> it is not that much the Allah in heaven that is insulted beyond words, but >> that Allah in you that finds hard to come to terms with your deed; but >> that Allah in heaven has directed you to do something that shall make you >> repent and lead to your redemption.> > > Allah is a pagan moon god.> Monkeys.>

And Bruno replies:

Is that what you really think, Rushdie? In that case, since you have no one in this world, with your large contribution, very hostile world, to protect you, you will be in a constant need of physical protection by those whom you served; those in need are not free, remember this. You have built your own prison, you can have it; I offered you a chance, but you refused it. I sincerely hope that you are in control of your mental faculties and that this is what you really want and chose to have.

However, even though I am not overly eager in exchanging personal insults with you, since I have received my reward by being blasted by a notorious traitor of your person, I am still interested in your point of view and, what makes you think the way you do?


Što se Rushdiea tiče, dalje se fućka, jer nisam još gledao newse, a i ne gleda mi ih se. Samo ću još priložiti nešto iz “hr.” useneta, jer držim da je važno:

Budi pristojan, jer inaće ću te pustiti razgovarati sa notornim izdajicom, danas vitezom engleskog kraljevstva, Salman Rushdiem, koji je isto takav prostak kao ti što si; malo je ublažio svoj prostački vocabulary, no ipak je tamo. Kod većine arabskih nacija je osudjen na smrt in absentia, radi svoje knjige “Satanic Verses”; ja sam mu ponudio redemption (izbavljenje) a on jadnik se još uvjek koprca i uporan je, ne toloko u grijehu izdaje, jer heavenly Allah mu to može oprostiti, koliko u ustrajnosti u gluposti, radi čega vodi borbu sa Allahom koji je u njemu.

Zato budi pametan, da I ti ne kreneš njegovim putom; jadan je skroz skrenuo pa je to stavio kao svoju email adresu:
"Sir Salman Rushdie" <> wrote in message news:49ac044a$0$3174$ (Sve je pocelo u “alt.arabic.politics” s treadom: > "junkman" <> wrote in message>> The Jews and the Arabs - Interesting point of view.

Očito se radi o ozbiljnom slučaju stvarne dementije, pojačane stavom Engleza koji su mu dali vitežtvo za usluge, ali uz put daju na znanje urbi et orbi da je on dobro plaćen za svoje usluge na pisanju knjige “Satanic Verses”, čije izdavanje su platili oni oko kojih se lome koplja većine svijetskih nacija, a koja je posluzila kao pretex (razlog) za progon Islama i navještanje rata Islamu pod maskom rata protiv terorizma. Rushdie to danas jasno vidi ali si ne može jadan pomoći; isto kao i mnogi političari diljem Europe i općenito diljem svijeta, to uvidjaju ali ne znaju i ne vide izlaza iz situacije.

Sve ću uskoro detaljnije obraditi u jednom od slijedećih zapisa, zato vidi svako toliko . I nastoj biti dobar.

"Drmesh" <> wrote in message news:gojk3h$arj$
Ø "Bruno HRUST" <> wrote in message >>>> > Pavelić je odavno umro, a s njim i verbalni delikt... A ti ako želis uživati > u takvim civilizacijskim dosezima u kojima se smrtne kazne izriču za delikt > mišljenja slobodno se preseli u Teheran. >
Ljudi, kao nosioci i širitelji ideja i svetinja, žive u okvirima oderđenog vremena i/ili prostora, dok ideje i svetinje nadilaze te okvire. Pavelić je umro, ali je vrijeđanje svetinja i ideja koje je nosio zločin; da nije bilo njega i Nezavisne Države Hrvatske, ne znam da li bi i samo hrvatstvo preživjelo. Makar i samo zbog činjenice da se nebi imali oko čega prepirati: nebi bilo niti Republike Hrvatske (makar i po uzoru i u služanjstvu američkom); niti bi bilo "hr." useneta nego bi bilo samo "cp." (ili "sr."), odnosno "yu.". Hrvatstvo u inozemstvu bi izblijedilo isto tako.
Kada to govorim ne znaci da branim samu državu NDH ili politiku države (te po tome pitanju se nisam nikada javno izjasnio), ali je niti ne osudjujem jer nisam sudjelovao niti u stvaranju iste a niti u vodjenju iste; medjutim držim da su tada, isto kao i danas a i uvijek, ljudi radili prema danim mogućnostima. Ali branim i zastupam nužnost postojanja jedne stvarno NEZAVISNE DRŽAVE HRVATSKE u svako doba i u svakoj vremenskoj epohi. Držim da duh u Hrvatskom Narodu će pozvati narod na ostvarenje jedne samostalne hrvatske države sa svakim, pa i crnim vragom ako je to jedina prilika, bez obzira na nemogućnost obstojanja iste na dulji rok; Nacionalno nije vođeno toliko intelektom koliko srcem.

Bruno HRUST.
Srijeda, 4. ožujka 2009.

Napomena: Kada prebacim tekst u blogger, izbriše mi kurziv iz teksta; zato gdje stoji riječ Nacionalno samo za sebe s velikim početnim slovom, trebalo bi biti u kurzivu.