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The natural habitat of Man, his limitless home.
A state, being a creation, imposes limits upon its creator!
Only real reality bears the perfection in itself and is capable of liberating; and that is the Truth. Everything connected with Truth is perfect, natural and eternal; the realities of lower kingdoms are just of temporary significance, playgrounds and laboratories of the offspring of Man in his Quest for Truth. Since the environment of lower realities is subject to constant change, due to either natural forces or experimentations, it is therefore not entirely free; therefore, the seed sewn there will give only appropriate fruit. Only through knowing our environment we will be able to benefit from it.
Thus, every creation that ever happened, and/or will ever happen, is only possible to occur in the realms of a lower reality; thus is that creation imperfect and will as such demand constant maintenance in form of its improvements, and all this at the expense of the freedom of its creator. Every “improvement” is an expression of a new creation in everlasting effort to attain unattainable, i.e. that of perfection. As a living example, we have in cloning, or even better, in genetic engineering, where we try to “improve” natural creation, which will result in death of Natural in the creation itself; the same happened already to National.
To attain the perfection it is necessary that the creator as well as its environment be in the state of perfection; so, it is not that we speak of here. So, we better change the wording a little and instead of saying,”To attain… “, we better say, “To maintain the perfection …” When God created Man, those conditions were in order, and where still pristine when Man created his offspring. But when Man’s offspring began to create, he was unable to grasp the Truth and thus, succumbing to the creative forces of unknown that gave birth to Mr. and Mrs. Public, condemning Mr. and Mrs. National to death.
Mr. and Mrs. Public represent here an artificial state of affairs, that is temporary, untrue, and burden to its creator, i.e. to the Man’s offspring, as are all the institutions needed to look after Mr. and Mrs. Public. This is because Mr. and Mrs. Public, although living off, and on natural body of a nation, essentially they are vermin, bacteria that needs to be treated at all times, if we want it under control; and those geniuses in a form of free radicals, produced by bacteria itself, do not want an unhealthy situation to develop either. On the other hand, we have Mr. and Mrs. National, whom, being created by Man, or better resulted from His interaction with His environment, the Truth, represent the perfect environment … but, of course, for perfect living of a perfect kind.
The meaning of above explanation is in the reader’s heart and at the very end of this course, if it proves necessary. Despite of reader’s inner feeling and eagerness to find the Truth, the very title “Nation” may sound off the alarm in readers’ ears and not be welcoming. In this paper, we are trying very hard not to sound too scientific. This that is happening to the nations around the world, is because the forces of the nature are active, everything tends to nothing and vice versa, which are only few individuals capable of understanding it fully and are in control of this principle of natural forces within the nature of all things.
Thus, for example, by splitting of the atom, electron and proton, we allow natural process to take over in creating neuron, independent entities as free radicals. Those of us who are aware of this, will anticipate that to happen and will not be taken aback; they will know what is going to happen and will work out the means of having that free radical put into a good use. The formulae are as ancient as are the principles. For example, if we leave milk exposed to whether, it will turn sour; but we do it intentionally if we want to have it that way. If we do not know how to control it, the bacteria will be multiplying and eventually take over, eventually turning our lives into the nightmares. The same is what is happening today; the decision-making Mr. and Mrs. National are not powerful enough to make any significant changes, and Mr. and Mrs. Public, despite their “opinion”, have no real power of their own.
The National belongs to the realm of perfection and a nation is its perfect or natural environment; it is its home in which no learning is necessary when kept in the state of perfection. However, in the moment of short confusion, when the Man’s offspring lost the touch with his origin within the Truth and thus with the Truth itself, his mind was overpowered with illusion; this created the moment when bacteria and vermin over multiplied and overpopulated his natural environment, thus deepening his confusion. The bacteria (vermin) produce free radicals with their own innate intelligence, capable to interpret and understand principles of all natural life, that are not coded by nature, so that they can be understood. Modern science proves this.
These principles are now under control of vermin, coded by vermin’s intelligence using the means of propaganda; the natural wisdom is detached from its source, the Truth, and the Man’s offspring thus became lost, together with his natural habitat, the nation. Thus, the National having been displaced from its natural environment was naturally disabled of articulating its presence in its natural voice and/or manner; therefore, it was being made into an “echo of distant past” and, especially in the last three centuries, intentionally misinterpreted ad consequently misunderstood. It resulted in drastic action of the nation and/or nations, thus creating the uncontrolled spread of unfavorable public, as bacteria and vermin, and its “public opinion”, most of which came from its (National’s) own ranks, which resulted in criminalizing the nation and caused Mr. & Mrs. National to hide themselves chiefly by changing themselves into Mr. & Mrs. Public.
Thus, most readers of Mr. and Mrs. Public kind will need additional lecturing and explanations that will come at the very end of this course; many of them are disguised Mr. and Mrs. National in guise of Mr. and Mrs. Public. Those readers, of Mr. and Mrs. National kind, however, who have capacity to grasp the matter from these aforementioned few words, are most warmly welcome to join our cause, to help in leading the world populace into the better future.
* * *
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However, one can express an early interest and book his/her place within organization (The Nation) already by sending their booking subscription fees $100 USD and 1 year subscription $300 USD to this account: HRVAT Pty Ltd, BSB 036 011, Acc. 349691.
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Until we learned how to properly operate the features of our ISP we have no choice but to use this email address. The article continues; this her is only to show that I was not iddle all this time, and to see if there is anybody there interested in more indept conversation.
If yes, then see you there at: http://www.hrvat.name/
I do hope that the web page will appear there soon.
Bruno HRUST.
(Pensioner, if you know what I mean)
P.S.: Trying hard to find someone who would translate this in Croatian (and other languages too), but it seem that all have been sold out. It is hard to find a man these days. On the other hand, Mr. and Mrs. Public have these days specially coded Croatian, so that Croatian used by old Mr. National is not clear enough and, more often than not, subject to criticism.

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