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Nationalism, Article 2: Mechanisms Regulating Peaceful Co-existence

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National Tradition, Article 2


Our planet Earth, was not accidentally found but purposefully created by God, which is a higher form of a Man. When I speak of “our planet” then I bear in mind those sons and daughter of God who arrived as the first living being to this planet and gave it life and purposeful existence. Thus, it is my planet, as I am one of the descendants of its makers; then follow the men, whom God created to His own image, and then humans created by men, that bear some similarities to God; however, these similarities are so inconsistent that often cause confusion that keeps those being in the state of illusion.* As the very last on that scale are descendants of humans that are in realm of the rightful, national stock that is within Man’s immediate clan, His family expressed in a form of a nation on one side, and those non-national humans, whose ancestors, being or becoming illegitimate, broke away from a nation and lived “free of any responsibilities”, mainly by way of plunder and terror. In this way they succeeded in subjugating the world into the acceptance of the rule of physical power as the one and only that is recognized; rule that lasted for a very long time and is still in place.

I know, to say so one must be very daring or very bold; or both. I am the ancient one, and the one, as one participant on “hr.” Usenet (Croatian newsgroups) have replied to some that tried to laugh me off, “… God is at his side”. Armed with the Truth, no government would dare to confront me; their military might is powerless in front of Truth. If a reader wants a proof, he or she is welcomed to ask an authorized official of any government in the world about their honest opinion and the answer will shock them when they hear that I just might be right, but they are not able to do anything about because legal implications; namely, there is law above that is protecting Truth, and those who speak it out may have hard time, but they are in turn protected by the Truth too. Truth lives forever and lies die in due course when contesting the eternal Truth. The other reason for backing-off rather than that of using the crude physical might in crushing the Truth is in the fact that they too, regardless of using lies as a tool to be in power, need the Truth as a means to regulate the lies: lies are present because of Truth and without Truth the are meaningless; eliminate Truth altogether would be contra productive. Further, they use the same as logic used by Man when created a human being: not because they are in love with the Truth, but because they are in need of it too, as guidance, many of those people in governments are religious people and in need to hear the Word. Man created human being, not because of love for him, but because of necessity and his need for help; and one in need is not free, and as such, as self being not free, he was not able to bestow the freedom to others nor to free others. Man has nurtured a desire and hope that one day He will become free, and thus being able and in position to love.

* Mentioned above, in Article 1, is undeserved, thus illusionary freedom that was given in exchange for peace; as the man’s descendants were forced to give it, the freedom that they gave to undeserved folks did not bear real, eternal value, i.e. its value was not consistent, it was appropriate for the folks that attained it, and also, the value the goods delivered in return, was of dubious value, just for time being, subject to further threats and negotiations in the future. Diplomacy was born out pure necessity for some kind of peace where men and their families in form nations, could live purposefully, creating the future chiefly for themselves and consequently for the humans and lesser humans with their vermin offspring. Again, the man was not motivated by his love for his creation, the human being, as God was for His creation, the Man; it was necessity and Man’s need for help in the purposeful project of Man, inherited of His creator, God, a project of which the purpose is clear to Him only and thus, since it cannot be understood by lesser beings; thus, since He cannot have an equal in a lesser being, to be really able to admire and love, He created the lesser human as slave, not out of love; it was later, that He began admire and love His creation and adopted the same principle of live, the principle that motivated God in creating Him, a Man “to His own image and likeness”, making Him thus free to create.

Thirty years ago I was writing about in a Croatian-language paper “Uvezane Misli” and later in another, also Croatian-language paper, “Hrvat”, where I presented the same thing, but in a more nationalistic passion; it was written for Croats and for Croatia, to Croats and to Croatia. It was the time of revolution and therefore in appropriate, revolutionary style. Both papers merged into “HRVATUM”, a book that was put together in May 1994 and hence its title “HRVATUM 94”. The book will be put into print when I arrive back to Perth and am able to access my old computer. “HRVATUM 94” shall be out, in Croatian language, early September 2009 and can be ordered to secure a copy earlier, already now; since it is being written in a patriotic stile and is of extremely patriotic content, I am not offering it for global reading in English or any other translation. However, my page at http://hrvatum94.blogspot.com/ in Croatian and English and also my page in English http://brunohrust.blogspot.com/ with http://googlegroups.com/group/national-tradition also in English shall be sufficient and if there is any group of specific and/or special interest I am more than willing to discuss their affair in strict privacy and help them to establish their specific policy that suits their needs.

If there is anybody interested, capable and willing to work with me, is welcome; I could do better with the help of translators, ghostwriters and computer experts.

Seminars on the subject are held in strict privacy; appointment for a seminar must be booked in advance and the attendee(s) must be versed in English or in Croatian. Every seminar is strictly confidential in nature and a signed oath to that effect will be taken before justice of the peace prior to seminar.

Theme in this article, that I have just written, is much longer and will continue; in the next issue will follow: Law and the Justice System of a Country/State. It might something else come in between; I do not have everything neatly sorted out in my head.

Bruno HRUST.
12. February 2009
Address: brunohrust@gmail.com

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