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Nationalism; its roots and becoming

My contribution to National Tradition: Article 1

It began as a reply/comment to a post in Austrian Usenet (“at. general”)

Every prophecy has its root in the psyche of a collective memory of a nation to which that particular prophet belongs, but more than just this, it stems from the memory bank of primordial form of mankind. Many nations these days are based on false premises and do not qualify for the status of a nation, which I am trying to explain to all individuals interested in the matter -- just started and have posted 2 blogs in Croatian on the subject of nationalism, one on 1. February, 2009 and the other one on 10. February, 2009 at, and just have establish a new page at Google with email address: in English language. One of these days I shall roughly translate those thoughts from Croatian language into English and post it at Google; there I shall try to present nationalism in its original form, in the form of creation which was adopted by true men of the planet Earth, in the farthest antiquity, before an ordinary human being and his offspring, that is often a pure vermin, came into existence.

Out of share necessity did man come into existence, with the purpose to help God; to help the Creator to find Himself in and within His creation. This is the purpose of any and every creation, including the creation of human being by man that followed. Thus God, as the supreme head and master of the supreme consciousness, bestowed freedom and sovereignty to His creation, purposefully, so that the Man can colonize the planet Earth and, through Man as His own creation, by man’s challenging of the whole universe, He would rediscover Himself. Thus following the universal principle of creation, Man, as the fundamental unit and basis of a nation, has created a human being to his own image; not out of love was human being created, but because of need. Man multiplied but soon his own purpose got lost in his creation; rivalries occurred between brothers and they split into separate groups and clans, later tribes and nations.

Man needed laborers and slaves; but, because without having attained supreme consciousness of his own being, that would make him really free and sovereign, he was not in position neither to give nor bestow real freedom to his creation, that of human being. Because one must be totally free to constitute originality, and only in its original state, which cannot be surpassed, one is able to be or to do anything at will. Such an incomplete human being, as it turned out to be just a partial success, was meant to be confined in domain of his master, the Man, until the emancipation of his master, the Man, which is meant to coincide with his own perfection; again, perfection of human liberates the Man, as a creation that liberates creator and is a proof of being a free being in its own right.

With time things have changed and human beings escaped the control of their masters, rebelled against and usurped the thrones of their kings, multiplied like vermin and the face of our once most beautiful and desirable planet in the whole universe, changed drastically; the vermin that multiplied made it an ugly place to live. “Six-million ones” did really better job than any other race and their contribution to the miseries of the planet Earth is great; but they are not the only ones who tried hard to find their own happiness in the miseries of others, and were building their empires and/or fortunes upon the ruins and ill fortunes of the others. By abandoning the principle of creation, there is no possibility left, either theoretical or practical, for a peaceful co-existence of neither men or humans on this planet; there is no possibility to reach that supreme state of being that, just mentioned, that would liberate us. If we, man and humans, want to get out of this hell, we must adopt the “principle of creation”, which I am about to explain to those who can hear and are willing to listen.

Man whose pledge was “to ever create on Earth as it can be found in Heaven”, thus failed in keeping his creation, “that was to His own image, the image of God”, in check. It was sacred duty of the Man, the creator as well as the founder and basic unit of a nation, to purge his stock of impure element within his realm; to deal with the vermin in a manner that gives protection to the rest of the world. By giving the freedom to humans, Man gave them a sample of illusion, which was so real in itself that human took it for a real freedom; freedom is achievable and attainable, can be earned by effort but never given. Thus, Man attempt to imitate God failed so badly and backfired; instead paradise Man, helped by his creation, human being, created the hell on planet Earth. In my future discussions, by referring to God I may use term “Providence”, especially when looking at the subject from a scientific angle where spiritual and physical are likely to connect.

Even today when the real nationhood is seen by some as debatable, as a rightful bearer of the citizenship of a state, a nationalist, i.e. person that hear the call of Man from the dept of his heart will feel obligated to stand up and try to correct the way in which his country’s government handles the affairs; by letting the government to handle His affairs as they please, the person is then morally co-responsible for all possible injustices that the government commits in his name. He is the real sovereign, not government. Having this in mind a person must stand for the Truth and help his/her government find the same that truth that he is bearer of, not just stand by and let his government wander through the wilderness.

At one can read few articles on the subject and see how dangerous it can be if a government is left alone unchecked Illusion of freedom can easily mislead anyone and governments are not immune against it; after all, they are just humans.

(Will continue; comments invited; all welcome to join discussion)

Bruno HRUST.
11. February 2009
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